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It’s hard to follow a routine!

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How to Keep A Healthy Summer Balance Routine

Peak summer is definitely a hard time to follow the usual routine. We all know by now that a routine is so important for a balanced well being meaning a good balance of:

– Exercise

– Healthy food

– Sleep

– Progressing in life goals (for me it’s business)

– Spirituality (optional)

– Love (optional)

How to Keep A Healthy Summer Balance Routine

When summer kicks in, we tend to prioritize chilling out, having fun and running about more than we do with our routine.

It’s easy to understand that this is the case and I don’t think there is anything to dislike about it. My current summer mode is all about not opening my laptop and just spend time with friends the majority of my time – and I think it’s absolutely great! Even alcohol has been a frequent visitor, with the usual “let’s share a bottle of wine over a catch up” or “it’s so hot, let’s grab a beer”.

How to Keep A Healthy Summer Balance Routine

BUT This IS summer, and it’s absolutely bliss!

Obviously due to this my routine is running on slow motion. I think the only thing I’m keeping up is getting enough sleep and eating very healthy! This means giving my 100% on 2 key points out of 6 on the balance sheet is actually not too bad. I’m still in balance even if I’m not following everything to the max.

I think when you throw yourself completely off schedule and stop exercising, eat totally rubbish, not get enough sleep, stop working on yourself while being in a lazy/drinking summer mode – then yes you will find yourself in a position of feeling imbalance and maybe destructive.

How to Keep A Healthy Summer Balance Routine

But to keep it up and still enjoy summer for what it’s there for, give at least your 100% to one or some of the key points. You will feel good, and you’ll still feel in control during this indulging time of the year.

And to be honest, I can’t believe summer is soon over! So that’s why we should enjoy every second of it 🙂

How to Keep A Healthy Summer Balance Routine


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