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Is Your “Average Joe” Boyfriend An Obstacle In Your Level Up?

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We have previously spoken about how important it is to clear out your “milieu” in your social surroundings, but we haven’t touched upon the very sensitive topic of clearing out romantic relationships that are only holding you back.

I speak to many women through the JetsetBabe community. There is one thing I’ve noticed is everywhere with those who’re trying to level up, and that is: They hold on to their average Joe boyfriends until the very last end. That’s the absolute last thing they upgrade, (if they ever even reach that stage!)

Many of the Average Joe’s they’re dating are great men. They are serious, responsible and kind. The perfect man a “Plain Jane” would happily settle down with. But they have no funds, and no ambitions to ever reach that level. Or they’re too stingy to share the little they’ve got, expecting their girlfriends to go 50/50 with them.

Then you have this type of woman (whom I dedicating this post to), who’s reached a point in her life that she knows she cannot settle for less. She finally knows what she wants, what lifestyle she deserves and what measures to take to get there.

So she starts by transforming herself. She’s improving her looks, changes her circle of friends, gets her foot into the elite community and starts hanging out in the right places.

But at night, she still goes home to the same man with whom she knows there is no future with.

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the drug ……… love

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Her new life might be emerging, but she’s still holding on to the one and biggest obstacle that will never give her the life she wants.

So she postpones dealing with it until she cannot stand him anymore. Until the fights become too many because she’s not respecting him the way she used to.

Or she might just sugar coat things in her own mind, pretending and giving excuses for her love life situation, secretly hoping everything will work out by itself one day. But deep down, her female instinct tells her: that is never going to happen.

“Huston, we’ve got a problem.”

Once a woman has got a taste of the good life, it’s hard to revert back to the old Plain Jane life. We don’t only upgrade our looks and lifestyle when we level up – we also upgrade our mentality.
We change our mentality to a level where there won’t be a turning back, it’s psychologically impossible.

For this reason, a JetsetBabe in progress who’s still with her Average Joe, will never look at him with the same eyes again. She will look at him differently now, less masculine with less to offer.

That is usually the beginning towards the end in a relationship. When the woman has lost the “it-factor” for her man, she will subconsciously push him away in whatever way possible. The relationship becomes doomed and will most likely end at some point. That can take months or that can take years. Most often, it takes years. In some cases, many years….

The question I want to ask you:

Why wait that long?

Why waste this time?

Why not just get it over with now and save some time?

Women have a limited “golden age”. If you ever want to make your new, affluent life happen: the earlier you start, the better! So no time to waste!

I understand that there is love, there is the habit and there is comfort which is why most women find it so hard to let go. We’re creatures of habit who don’t leave our pack too easily. We rather live in long-term unhappiness or dissatisfaction than ripping off a painful bandage that is due to for removal.

But, the same way you’re clearing out your old self to make room for your new self to flourish, the same way you must act with your love life. Just clearing out the wrong friends is not enough, the love life is actually the most critical one.

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LOVE IS….. ❤️ #love #stvalentinesday

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Because having an affluent man by your side will speed up your leveling up by times 10! You will get there in no time! With your “No-Ambitions Joe” you will always be where you’re right now.
Too good for him, but too stuck to leave.

When we’re with men who are of a certain level (lower level) it’s also difficult for us to blossom to our fullest potential. The level of our partner affects our own level. His disease becomes your disease.

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This is LOVE ❤️ #romantic #morning

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But what about love and genuine happiness?

Love and happiness do not originate in money. This post does not claim that if you have a man with money, you will be happy. This is a topic on its own and I’ve written about it many times before. We all know that finding true love and be genuinely happy boils down to one thing: being happy within ourselves. This has nothing to do with money; or who you date or if you’re a JetsetBabe or not.

But in this scenario, I have women who want to improve their lifestyle, because their views on life have changed. They know they can do better, so they want to go for it.

Love and happiness can be found everywhere, regardless of social class. But why look for love in a garbage bin? Why not test the waters elsewhere first?


So what’s next?

Let’s be honest here… You have two options:

A) Do something about it now


B) Waste some more time

Whatever works for you.

There is really nothing more to say.

But I do hope that if you are in a relationship that you feel is never going to lead you to the life you want to have for yourself – then I hope you will be wise enough to leave. Time is so precious.

Today I’m looking back at my old life and say thank God I did the right choices and left those relationships that were holding me back behind. Today I have exactly what I always wanted, even if it took blood, sweat, and tears to make it happen.

But when you’re proactive and release all obstacles, the universe has a tendency of rewarding you.


Meanwhile, September means Back to school, and that includes the School of Affluence!

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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Anna, this is a great article! I have experienced this type of situation many times and wasted so many of my precious years waiting. Waiting for the man to change. Waiting for the right time. Waiting for a miracle. While I waited, I lost out on so many valuable experiences in my life. I am now in my 50s and though I am filled with regret about the years I wasted, I am also filled with purpose not to let that happen again. I am much more determined now about putting myself first and making the most and the best of my life. I now know that I deserve a partner who values me and who wants the same things that I do in life. I urge all women to stop waiting and wasting your youth, your beauty, your fertility. You have nothing to lose and your happiness to gain.

    • Kelly, I am in the same boat! Thank goodness that in my 50’s I still have my looks and I will tell you something very encouraging. My aunt married her last husband, a multimillionaire, when she was 72! When I was younger I would only get involved with men who had issues and I think that on a deeper level I just felt sorry for them. How different my life would have been had I paid more attention to the advances of the very wealthy men I came across. To all you younger ladies … your life will be drab and dull leaving you bitter if you do not put your needs, and yes that means material needs, first. Lifestyle is so important! If you do not respect yourself, do not expect a man to either. Furthermore if you think that you will be appreciated because you sacrificed love for lifestyle, you might be in for a rude awakening.As the old saying goes, “it’s just as easy to fall in love with a rich man as it is with a poor man”.

  2. Another great article and sadly one that most women need.Men have no qualms about leaving a woman when she is no longer what they want, but we seem to have so much difficulty putting ourselves first. Sadly from my experience it never works out.

  3. Anna, thanks God you exist to write these smart texts, I don’t know where else to find blog like this 🙂
    Check you ig messages when you have time, I texted you recently and few days ago 🙂
    You are real inspiration, and you really got want you wanted and deserve because you worked on yourself 🙂 I am happy that girls like you and others are out there so I always have motivation & inspiration.
    Some sentances in this text are so good&true…I’ve been through these things in past, but when u get great men then u figure out what is really good in life, relationships..Unfortunately, most of the time, winsdom comes from our own experinces…would be better if somebody teaches us at age 5 to chose good man in future hahaa 🙂

  4. What if ur married and having children..?
    Ofcorse woman wants her man earn more or woman every day busy with thinkjng where and how she can make that money so it be more than enought for them to live with confidence?

    Would you do some recommendations for women how to make the money staying home?

    Or how to find aponsor without meeting him and have secretly husbant and children? Lol

    To leave avarage Joe means u need make more money than he brings home to feel independent and brave to go for better one.. you know what i mean? But how to find a job that would bring atleast 5k € a month without spending much time for that?

    • I also want to level up. I’m tired of the average jane who just takes and takes but never offers anything back. She holds me back from bigger and better things in life. I need a woman that works hard and can contribute.

  5. Hi, my name is Rachel I’m 21 and just out of university. I moved in with my boyfriend because I had nowhere else to live as I’m not from the uk originally. I don’t have a job that would pay enough to afford rent on my own but I don’t want to be with him any longer because I want to level up and also the love is just gone recently. I really am relating to this article. I don’t know what to do. I’ve no one I could go stay with.

    • The best thing you can do is go out there and make friends with people that you can trust and when the opportunity comes move in with someone of the same sex that you see as a friend. Take your time and take time for yourself to heal. Keep working on yourself and believing in yourself. I see that this post is from over a year ago so I hope things have ended up in your favor!

  6. Hello there Anna,

    I don’t know if you will see this, but I’d like you to know that you have really inspired me. I’m a middle class girl, I’m only 18, and before I started reading your blog I did not know much about fashion or high society. Now I have ambitions to work in finance and meet a loving, affluent husband. I am making myself more presentable and taking better care of myself, I wear dainty shoes and classic dresses. I am also in the process of losing a little bit of weight, slimming down a little, halfway to my goal now! I’m really relating to this article, as without attempting to sound deliberately superior, I have always received a large amount of male attention, many of whom are not worthy of my time, as you advise me, so thank you very much. <3

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