Inner Beauty: Being Discrete

Elegance, class and sophistication are all things we strive to achieve. However, none of these things are limited to our physical appearance. We can definitely throw on a classy dress and carry a fabulous handbag, but does our behaviour match our actions? It’s about walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

That’s why etiquette and manners are essential to truly becoming a high-value woman, as Anna Bey says.

How can you transform your behaviour to become just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the inside? What are the true qualities and habits of a high-value woman?

The answer is: being discrete. Here’s how you can practice discretion in your everyday life.

Don’t share your personal information

don't share personal information

Know how much to say, and when to stay quiet. Not everyone has to know your personal affairs, whether that’s financial, romantic or family related. Elegant ladies never share their next move or all of their personal details. I know it can be tempting to share information for others, but you have to be selective. After all, you never know who has bad intentions!

Don’t share other people’s personal information

don't share other people's information

Don’t air your dirty laundry, or other people’s dirty laundry. In high society, discretion is incredibly important. It’s essential that you keep people’s information private to build trust and properly nurture a strong relationship. Nobody will want to associate with you if you’re actively sharing their private details. Even something as innocent as a contact detail shouldn’t be shared without their permission.

Don’t gossip

don't gossip

Gossiping is incredibly indiscrete and not something an elegant, sophisticated and classy lady would ever do. An elegant lady occupies herself with her own life, and not the lives of others. She certainly doesn’t engage in drama or create it. Thriving in high society will be difficult if you’re known as a gossip, as people will lack trust in you.

Don’t be too loud

don't be too loud

Never be the loudest person in the room. Affluence and elegance is all about being lowkey and discrete. So, making a spectacle of yourself and being the centre of attention doesn’t exactly go hand in hand with high society living. Always remember to respect yourself, others and your environment.

Remember ladies, always keep it classy!