Improve Your Lifestyle With Affluent Hobbies

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Dear Jetsetbabes,

I have the pleasure to write another article to keep us on track for lifestyle improvement!
As I am also continually working on improving my own lifestyle, I decided to take action in an area of our lives that can be very time-consuming… and as we know, time is the most precious thing we have as we can never get it back. So, girls, what I am talking about is our HOBBIES!

YES, that hobby you spend a couple of hours a week doing: boxing, baking, having drinks with your friends, reading, gardening … you name it. Well, it’s time to reflect on it! We will see how to select and afford a hobby that can take your life to the next level. If you are struggling with the lack of opportunities in your life this article might give you plenty of ideas.


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”

Am I saying that having a hobby is a bad thing and that there are more important things to do in life? Absolutely not! I myself have a couple of hobbies that I love dearly.

It is ok to have a hobby that allows you to relax and have fun, and if you have a hectic lifestyle that’s actually a must. But if you are in the process of leveling up and questioning where you are going in life and how you want to achieve it, I think that hobbies should also be part of your reflection and the choices you make on a daily basis to help you reach the lifestyle you are dreaming of.

One of my motto in life is that you become what you believe. Aristotle himself said that:

«We are the sum of our actions, and therefore our habits make all the difference».

So, the real question we should ask ourselves “Are these hobbies of mine really helping me to get anywhere in life? Did I choose them right?”. If yes, “Am I using them the right way? Could I do more so that it actually helps me take my life to another level? And If not, “Why did I choose this hobby, is it worth my time or should I choose another activity?


Personally, as my tastes have changed in the past years, I realized over time that some of my hobbies were not helping me achieve my goals anymore and that I also needed to have a strategy about it.

If your current hobby is not helping you to get where you want in life anymore, know when to exit!

Let’s take a simple example: I like salsa dancing, I do it because it’s fun, I learn how to dance, it gives me confidence and it opens my mind to another culture. But overall, I have already invested a lot of time and energy into it: long hours of classes, dolling up myself and attending parties, traveling to go to festivals, socializing with other dancers etc. I invested money to pay for my classes, parties, drinks, food, and trips.


So, were the short moments of fun worth all of the investment? For a time, yes, but I have reached a point where the fun isn’t enough anymore and what used to feel like fun feels less entertaining. Moreover, this hobby is taking time on my other aspirations in life, and it is not helping me in my professional and networking goals. I am becoming choosier, and I have the feeling that it is time to slow down.
Besides social dancing can also come with some issues related to group dynamics that can feel a bit tiring over time.

What about you, what are the pros and cons of your hobby? Is it worth more investment? If, yes what would you do so that it benefits you even more, if no what else would you do of your time?

What are your goals, where do you want to be in 5 years?

Let’s imagine that you are targeting a new career move in the next years or that you have a personal goal that you want to meet, whether it’s getting married, having kids, becoming a kept woman, a rocket scientist a businesswoman a socialite or a politician: are your actions in line with what you want to achieve? Is your free time well allocated to activities that will help you reach your goal?


Focus on your motivation in life

Once you find your true motivation you will find your real action plan. Please don’t wait for your passion to hit you. Do your homework, be curious make some research, study it, choose it carefully, think of the benefits it will bring you: in short, MAKE UP a new passion!

Some of the activities that I will suggest in the next part of this article are individual activities but you can always join a group of people, create a blog about your new passion, attend events related to your passion. There is always a way that will not necessarily cost you much! A hobby is an investment and you don’t have to have several ones at the same time, start investing in one, taking classes here and there.

Join a club: every industry you can think of has a professional club. Your hobby can become your job, your hobby can make you meet certain types of people, your hobby can educate you and make you shine in a new way. So why not be serious about it?


Hobbies Ideas for a Jet set Lifestyle

I have done some research for you girls and listed down good hobbies ideas to upgrade your lifestyle:


A classic and great hobby to network, spend time outdoors and develop your concentration. However, I tried and found it a little bit boring the first times. You girls can start with one class to see how you like it.


Is great for summer, another hobby of the wealthy. They organize competitions/yacht that you can look up to give you the first idea.


Amazing for traveling especially if you are going to high-end ski stations. It is great to get a dose of adrenaline, being close to nature, and see beautiful sceneries. Besides they also have groups for that if you are on a budget. I personally go with the Alumni Association of my University, this way it costs me half the price as it would if I went by myself. Lunchtime and dinners in a ski station are an excellent opportunity to go out, chill, have fun and meet people.


Perfect for burning calories and playing in pairs. Joining a tennis club is ideal as it will allow you to participate in the rest of the activities, drinks etc.


I was surprised to see how many bankers in my city would go for a run a lunchtime! You can even find teams and association to motivate you and go running in groups. Your company maybe has a club that organizes marathon or weekly joggings.

Luxury sports & hobbies

Horseback riding

The one I recently picked up! After two years of social dancing I wanted a solo activity that I can keep practicing while I am getting older and that would allow me to access different sports like polo or endurance races in the woods. I love being around horses and I will also develop my knowledge of the equestrian world by attending events and competitions.


Developing your taste and knowledge for art is a good idea, art has become a must for investors and art exhibitions are always a good place to educate yourself, have a good time and connect with professionals of this industry.


By simply upgrading your gym and going there on a regular basis, you will not only release stress and sculpt your body, but you’ll also be able to socialize on the side with the other members. If you can afford it, a country club is an excellent place to go as they usually offer various disciplines, a pool, a spa, a tennis court, discounts at their restaurant and more.


This discipline is more and more popular, if you become good at it you can even attend tournaments and make money from playing and succeeding rounds. If you are a nerd, there is a science behind poker based on probabilities and statistics that you can learn.


A classic strategy game that can make you spend time in a different way when having drinks or attending casual events.

Playing an instrument, singing or dancing

The practice of music will keep you sharp, it will develop your culture and your feminine energy. The icing on the cake is that it gives you the opportunity to shine at parties if you feel like going to dance-floor or improvising something on a stage.

Luxury sports & hobbies


Joining a political party will increase your knowledge of your city/country ‘s challenges and dynamics, it will help you discuss ideas that you believe in with like-minded people, and make you grow your network. If you are ambitious you can even have the goal to reach a high position in the party which will give you visibility and open doors for more promising opportunities.


Designing fashion or interior design. For example, I recently discovered in Monaco a shop called “Sabrina Monte Carlo”, its owner, Sabrina is a designer who specialized in yacht interior design. Her activity takes her to the crème de la crème of yacht events and makes her travel all around the world and meet some of the wealthiest types of people.

If you have a passion for fashion, why not take classes and learn how to tailor suits for instance? Just another idea to open a shop and meet gentlemen ☺

Blogging and creating content

Let’s say you want to meet people from the Movie Industry. Start writing a blog as a movie critic. If you do it well with time, you can become an influencer and start getting invited to premières.

A typical example is TheYachtGuy on Instagram, this blogger had a passion for yachts and became a social media influencer. His passion for yachts leads him to create a unique service to improve the industry. He gained the yacht industry’s respect and is now invited to attend yacht events all over the world, rubbing shoulders with the wealthiest. You can find his story here.

Luxury sports & hobbies

Fine Food

Who doesn’t like good food? Take it to another level and develop a niche passion: wine, caviar, modern cuisine. Take cooking or wine tasting classes, show what you do to the world, start cooking for friends as your first “clients” and document it on social media.

This is exactly what one of my friends recently did and she now runs her own business of selling luxury food to companies for professional events. You can travel and show the different culinary discoveries you have made in foreign countries, write about it and make videos, launch a small business and target high-end events by suggesting holding a booth for cultural events with clients such as embassies or international organizations.


Attending conferences can also be a hobby. Do you want to learn about Crypto Money? Google events around your area and show up! For the record, two of my friends met their husbands in a conference about science and new technologies. A word to the wise…

Learning a language

If it’s good enough for Marck Zuckerberg to learn Chinese it’s good enough for you! Just kidding ☺, not everyone needs to learn Chinese (that is also one of my main hobbies by the way) but never underestimate the power of languages to break down walls and connect with people from other countries.

Are you dreaming of visiting Milan? Are you passionate about French fashion? Amazed by Russian History or China’s Economic Development? Take it to another level and learn the local language you’ll be surprised by how much people appreciate this effort and how it can instantly make them friendlier.

There you go girls, plenty of ideas to reflect, start something new and make changes if needed! May the force be with you!



About Author

Wiam is from Geneva Switzerland. She holds a bachelor’s in business administration, a Master’s in Management and Strategy and a Master’s in International Trading. With a professional background in Finance, she has now decided to create her own business as Conference Organizer and blogging for JetsetBabe. Wiam likes to write about self-development to empower women around the world and help them become the best version of themselves. She loves to experience life to the fullest and has a background in modeling, being a beauty pageant winner, dancing, sports and more. One of the things she enjoys the most is traveling and discovering other cultures and places which lead her to learn six different languages. To get in touch: Instagram @ Wiam_Bai_Mei


  1. I so agree about the language thing. The second it comes up everyone’s so curious and wants me to say something. The best one I had was when I was at an airport and checking in to my flight, the lady at the counter saw my Visa for China that said I was a student and asked me if I spoke Chinese. She loved when I responded to her in Chinese and was able to speak with her a little bit. Even got me a great seat on the flight and didn’t even look at my luggage weight which I’m pretty sure was overweight 😉

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