I tried Yoga this weekend

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I tried Yoga this weekend.

Have tried it many years ago but thought I’d give it another go. Must say I kinda enjoyed it but still not sure if it’s really my thing. Do any of you do yoga here and what type? I feel I’m so not motivated going back to the gym so I’m currently looking around for a new type of work out those days when I cannot go running in the park (always relies on the weather you know!) Might try pilates instead to see if I’ll enjoy it more. But I definitely want something that makes me feel in harmony & balanced, I need quite a lot of Zen in my life!



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  1. It’s really nice you managed to break the winter blues for some jetset-babe posts! Amazing as usual 😉 love all of it! As for the fitness routine, I prefer Pilates to Yoga, although both are great for stretching and building core strength (if one has the ‘right’ instructor). Apart from that, joining classes for pilates/yoga gives extra motivation to actually go there 🙂 Sometimes though, when I have no time left or miss the classes due to long working hours, I just do some Pilates at home (finding loads of inspiration, even pretty effective one on youtube (targets the derriere ;), e.g.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wv–FRr7YUQ or here (targets abs): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5DEn1YHK0Q&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL48E457427E65B379) It is obviously nothing compared to a great pilates-class, but it is very cost effective, you can still get the results and I sometimes do it post-jogging in the park 😉
    Apart from that, I just wondered if maybe joining a very good fitness-centre with a Spa included wouldn’t be a good ‘winter-blues’ beater for many reasons: 1) you get your workout routine done in a great atmosphere, 2) usually you get for the membership also great offers for other beauty treatments, but apart from these obvious ones, 3) it is sometimes a great way to socialize with new people. Plus, given you selected wisely the centre you join (sometimes good hotel chains have nice adjacent centres) it is an interesting networking place (for business or private life;) which is not influenced by alcohol, a ‘night rush’ or a host of other factors that sometimes interfere on a night out. I know you mentioned that you prefer to focus on working out than socializing in a gym, and I fully understand, as I am the same. I just think being surrounded by the right atmosphere and people gives the whole concept sometimes a new meaning 🙂
    sorry for that looong post! was just so happy to see you back on track with posts and hope you’ll feel much better Very soon! take care!

  2. Thanks Cat, always enjoy reading your long comments to me 🙂 Great advice, will def check the tips out! Thank again and hope you are well! xxx 🙂

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