I need to start to work out again but I’m so lazy

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I’m so lazy.

It’s really bad. I stopped working out in summer because I got annoyed with all the people (especially guys) at the gym. So I quit my membership and was gonna take a “summer break”.

(Yeah right “summer break”)

I haven’t done any form of exercise ever since,

plus I don’t even own a pair of trainers anymore (they got ruined and I’m not prioritizing to buy new ones).


Β What should I do with myself? I’m really missing the feeling of exercising, eating good and feeling good after. I remember the amazing “high” work out used to give me. The problem is that I’m really not motivated going back to the gym itself…It’s just so boring running on a threadmill and doing squats etc. The only thing that could motivate me if I got a PT, but again, I don’t have that money to invest in myself this year (saving for my future plan you know)

I’m trying to brainstorm some alternative cheap work out methods.


Step one is to buy new trainers at least, and like everyone else I’m going to go for Β Nike Free Run. Haha, love not being different sometimes. But I like this model in particular because you can design it yourself and it’s light weight and comfy.

Step 2 is to start the actual exercising part. Hmm… I’m thinking of trying Bikram Yoga and see how long I’ll last doing it before I start hating it. It seems like a great calorie burner. But I know I won’t last there long term, so I need something else, something affordable and motivating. Any ideas? For now I’ll just start off by morning running in the park, not the most exciting thing but at least it’s something πŸ™‚

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  1. hey there πŸ™‚ my favourite idea to get a great workout and keep motivated is joining classes (tabata training, yoga, circuit, body conditioning etc). now, some of them may become very expensive and are not pricey if you have a membership. however, i discovered this great chain of cheap gyms: http://www.thegymgroup.com/ and they offer classes for free! You just pay a monthly fee of 15 BP (and can cancel your membership any month, there is no minimum time you have to join). so you could shape up for 15 BP in a month and then quit, if you want πŸ™‚ at least in my local gym, there are up to 5 different classes offered per day and I can join for free all of them if I’d want to, on 7 days a week πŸ™‚ i just thought this could help you towards saving for your ‘big resolution’ and still get you working. sometimes, I just set myself to do it for 1-2 months and once in the habit of exercising, I do my own stuff again. hope it helps!
    btw, i really appreciate the frequent posts again! huge thanks for that!

  2. Im happy im not alone!!! I feel just like you. Every night I’m planning to go for a run, but I never do it! I don’t know why… I just want to spend my free time in the bed with candles, music and movies. I hope it will change when days gets longer and warmer, because right now my motivation is 0….

  3. Hi !

    i like doing sports but sometimes it get really annoying and i am a lil bit lazy also.
    Oh i have a suggestion…

    Can you someday write about green tea because it’s good for health πŸ™‚

  4. Hi
    I acually am doing great with my workout routine. Probably first time in my life havd been working out for past 6 months. I work out with jillian michaels30 day shredd-it gave me amazing results, and it’s only 30 minutes. You don’t need to go to gym- i hate gyms too. I combine this workout with 30 -60 minutes of running.

  5. I work out at home, I use Youtube videos, there are so many to choose from I like pilates and Yoga. I really do like Tara Stiles Yoga videos, she is an awesome inspiration and her begginner Yoga is easy to follow and very relaxing

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