Saturday, February 22

I almost skipped gym this morning

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Me this morning:

6am alarm clock rings – I’m like “I can’t do this today, let me znooze and think this over”.

6:05 alarm clock rings again – “I CAN’T DO THIS TODAY!!!” and switch off the alarm.

6:06 I get up anyway even if it’s tough.

6:07 I’m up but feel exhausted. I tell myself “I’m too tired, I did not sleep properly, I need to rest” and allow myself to go back to bed.

I switch off the lights, crawl back to the warm bed and shut my eyes. But It didn’t feel that great, instead I felt a powerful message within myself:

“this is exactly why you never reach your goal, because of scenarios like this when allow yourself to give up”.

6:08 I switch on the lights and get dressed.

I spent a good day at the gym today, SOOO HAPPY I went I must say!

This morning was one of those days when I felt so not motivated of doing the routine, but now when I’m done with my “morning chores” I feel in heaven.

I need to remember the feeling of how it feels when I conquered the obstacle and that the gym itself felt fine. It was only the first 10 min that was a struggle when my mind wanted to play games with me.

Will power girls! You don’t need to be loving every step of it, but If you love the results that this goal will bring you – then just do it!! Fight your inner battles!!!



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  1. What a coincidence that I read this right as I crawled back into bed feeling like I was too tired to go to the gym. Definitely going now!

    • Haha it’s probably a sign!! But good that you’re going, you will feel so content with yourself and that you’re sticking to your plan! Failure feels worse than that hour in the gym 🙂

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