How To Be Classy

A Step By Step Guide on Self Transformation and How You Can Upgrade Your Life – by Anna Bey

How To Be Classy Anna Bey

Do you ever feel like a “Plain Jane” in the masses of perfect women?
Have you wondered what’s their secret to look so immaculate and stand out from the crowd?
Ever been frustrated about being stuck in a rut, while watching these JetsetBabes living your dream life?

No need to stress about it anymore, I’ve created this ebook to help you upgrade your life and take it to the next level! If you’re ready for self-transformation and do the work to become that classy woman people turn their heads for – I’ve got all the secret tools lined up for you! 



  1. Introduction to Being Classy
  2. Develop a Classy Mindset
  3. Refine Your Classy Behaviour
  4. Dress Like a Classy Woman
  5. Groom Yourself to Look Classy
  6. Get a Classy Body
  7. Create a Classy Lifestyle
  8. Develop a Classy Image
  9. How to Be Classy on a Budget
  10. Now your Classy Journey Begins