How to wear over knee boots & look chic

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Black Over Knee Boots Over Knee Boots

How to wear over knee boots without looking like

…Pretty Woman 😉

I LOVE over knee boots! You get this fierce power woman attitude while walking down the street rockin’ your boots. But the usual worry is how to pull these boots off without looking like a hooker 🙂 Pretty Woman gave these boots a bad rep, but if you just combine them with the right clothing they will look incredibly stylish.

pretty woman

So the number one basic rule is;

Don’t do like Julia Roberts and wear over knee boots on bare legs and a fitted miniskirt/dress. That just screams sex. If you look at my other example images you can see the various ways of pulling of the look. You can look smart or casual with trousers & jeans, why not even fitted leggings? If you still wish to wear a dress or a skirt to the boots, I recommend to wear them with something more conservative and covering.

Just to be on the safe side 🙂

Over Knee BootsOver Knee Boots


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