How to stay in shape during summer

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How to stay in shape during summer

It’s officially peak of summer meaning it’s harder keeping a strict gym & diet routine with travels, vacation days & generally a more busy schedule since there are more socials going on this season. I know myself who cannot keep up with my usual Monday – Friday gym sessions, regular powerwalks & strict diet.

 But just because of this situation I don’t think you should be giving up and go back to “normal” – because you’ll only gain everything you lost during spring.

Body motivation

Focus on maintaining

Try to focus on healthy eating as that is usually more easy to do during summer time. Don’t stop going to the gym completely, but it’s Ok to cut down those days you simply don’t have time going – no need to feel guilty about it – After all it’s summer! I’m only going 2x a week to the gym during this season mainly to maintain my weight loss from winter season.

If you are travelling,

Try and avoid carbs and unhealthy dishes as much as possible, focus on eating healthy rather than working out as the possibility for that is limited when you are away. If you still want to be a good sport, I recommend you bring your trainers to your vacation abroad, as going for a morning job or power walks on the beach is a great work out to prevent putting on the holiday weight.

Work out

Good luck & Enjoy summer!


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