Wednesday, January 22

How to stay in heels all day & be comfortable

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Question: Would you like to tell us how you stay in high heels all day? My feet does always get so sore and swollen… Do you have any good tips? 

How to stay in heels all day & be comfortable

Of course I do!

Me I’m the worst, I get pain in my feet so easily because I’m flat footed and have no arches what so ever, so I’m even more sensitive than other people.

What is the trick to be comfortable in heels?

1. Pick your heels right

It’s all about the way they are built, what type of heel it has (thickness, placement etc) plus what material the shoe is made of. Leather will always be the most comfortable as it get soft and adjusts more to your foot rather than plastic or patent type of “hard shoes”.

Office heels: Low/Medium high heel is enough. You will be in these heels all day long, but since you will be sitting most of the time it’s fine to wear any type of heel.

Day heels: No matter if it’s court shoes or boots you wish to wear for day, you have to pick a heel that is wider than an evening heel. Forget slim heels, stilettos etc. You will get pain very soon unless you go by taxi everywhere & do limited walking. But if you are planning to run around a lot, a comfortable heel is a must.

Dinner heels: Evening heels for dinner can be almost as uncomfortable as you want. You will be sitting down most of the time & go by car to the restaurant. Louboutins are perfect for this.

Party heels: They have to be comfortable enough to last in 3-6 hours at least. Be clever when you choose these ones, as they are as crucial as day heels to be comfortable.

How to stay in heels all day & be comfortable

2. Gel soles

Get all kinds of gel soles and pads, never wear shoes without at least 1 pair of gel soles. In some shoes I have 3 pair depending how uncomfortable they are.. This is how you manage to last in your heels!

3. Remember to often sit down to rest.

All heels will be uncomfortable to wear at some point, so remember to sit down every 20 min or 40 min even if you are not tired. The feet need a break from the pressure you put on them, and the longer you will last a night in heels depends on the amount of time outs you give them.

4. Be Blister ready

If you are not “familiar” with your heels yet, carry always around proper plasters for blisters, in case you get an emergency. In the shop we don’t usually feel any warnings, it’s once you start walking around that you sense an upcoming blister. Make sure you put on a plaster before any harm is made and not when it’s too late!

How to stay in heels all day & be comfortable

Happy walking 😉


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  1. I find that NOT sitting is best. My feet kind if go numb but when I sit, they swell making it difficult to walk.

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