How To Ski Like A JetsetBabe

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Ski season has now started! Officially, the ski resorts in the European Alps open in December, but they start getting crowded around the festive season and then peak in January & February.

Courchevel (France) is one of the most popular destinations for the jet-setters. Around the first week of January, a lot of Russians go there to celebrate their Orthodox Christmas. But you’ll also get the Arabs and every nouveau riche who want to be seen.

Gstaad (Switzerland), which is my favorite destination, has their peak of creme de la creme in mid-February, with many glamorous events and celebrity sights. The crowd is very classy, very “old money feel,” and you have fewer Russians/Arabs, and instead more Italian/French/Swiss. The food is also top quality; there are so many amazing restaurants in Gstaad! I will do a separate post on Gstaad with my recommendations.

Other popular ski destinations for jet-setters are St Moritz (Switzerland), Verbier (Switzerland), Meribel (France), Zermatt (Switzerland), Aspen (USA), Chamonix (France), Cortina (Italy), Megève (France), Klosters (Switzerland), Lech-Zurs (Austria).

The typical JetsetBabe does ski, and she goes at least once or twice during the winter season to some of the top ski resorts in the world. Besides the fantastic scenery, fun times in the slopes and drinking champagne at the after-ski, ski resorts are great for networking! The towns are usually tiny, so everyone goes to the same places, meaning it’s easy to bump into each other.

In the slopes perhaps it’s less easy to network, as people are quite incognito in their ski gear and focused on their activity (unless they stopped for drinks somewhere). But in the evenings, when going for dinner and clubbing at the limited party places, that’s when good connections can be made! Perhaps the mountain vibe also puts everyone more at ease, compared to the big city vibe. I’ve noticed from my experience, the jet-set crowd gets a bit friendlier and more open in the mountains, so it’s easier to mingle.

Here are some examples of JetsetBabes during their skiing holidays. Check out the beautiful surroundings and how relaxing mountain life can be. Perhaps an idea for your next trip? But don’t wait too long, as ski season is only between December – March, so now is the time!


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Can’t wait 😇❄️

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i rather to collect moments not things🦄

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Мой первый подарок ( всего их будет 7, розыгрыши будут каждый день до Нового Года🎄) связан, разумеется, с нашими детками! Сегодняшний приз – набор моей любимой органической косметики @aureliaskincare , на которую я перешла сама и которой доверяю уход за кожей моих малышей ( у них волшебная детская линия) ! Я делала анализ этой косметики, и все результаты приятно удивили и порадовали не только меня, но и экспертов! Но об этом подробнее после праздников🎄! Набор получит тот, кто первым ответит правильно на все три вопроса. Отвечать можно ровно сутки. Завтра назову победителя и начну розыгрыш нового приза! Поехали? Вопросы: 1️⃣Этим женским именем назвали своих дочерей больше всего родителей за последние 12 месяцев в России и еще в 47 странах мира. Каким именем? 2️⃣Учительница Южного Уэльса осталась без работы из-за того, что рассказала детям про это. О чем рассказала учительница? 3️⃣ Этот ингредиент в детской линейке Aurelia еще называют голубым золотом, а Гарри Поттер добавлял его в свои магические зелья. Что это? ♥️Розыгрыш окончен! Правильные ответы: София, Санта не существует, Лаванда. Первой правильно ответила @unahijadelaluna 💃🏼🎄❄️👯 Пожалуйста, напишите мне на почту куда отправить Ваш подарок? Поздравляю Вас ♥️

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Mountain life with @moncler

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  1. I love this topic!! I’ve been in Gstaad and Cortina but I prefer the first. What’s the destination that you recommend in march for easter holidays? I’d like to visit south of france( for example Cannes or Monaco)…. do you think Is too early?

    • Glad you’re also a Gstaad lover! 🙂 Easter is end of march this year, meaning monaco and cannes will not have their peak season. But I still think it can be worth visiting, since there will be sunshine (perhaps not enough to sunbath), but you can enjoy the locations cheaper (off peak prices) yet there will always be a bit of jet-setters around, perhaps more in Monaco, but also Cannes, who knows. I would otherwise go to Paris or Milan, or another classy city in Europe that will not be grey 🙂

  2. Would love to do a bit on ski and apres-ski fashion! Don’t want to overdress or look weird in the after parties. So funny that nancypnut has her boobs out lol, it apparently is very warm on the ski slopes?

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