How To Pose Like A JetsetBabe On Camera

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Do you take photos for Instagram? Are you shy in front of the camera or do you feel lost as soon as it’s time to start posing? What to do? Where to look? How to look good in photos?

I’ve lately been doing loads of research on flattering poses JetsetBabes use in their Instagram photos. I thought of sharing 5 that I feel are popular poses, but also that are foolproof of always looking good in an image! If you’re struggling to get your Instagram photo game going, you should check out these tips that I’m going to share with you today!

Sitting on the staircase & looking to the side, shot from below

How To Look Better On Camera

Photos become interesting when there is an interesting angle to it. We have been schooled to think that taking a photo from below will result in a very unflattering position for the model, but that’s actually not always the case. Today, most of the JetsetBabes on Instagram take their photos shot from below because it gives the body a longer silhouette.

In the photo I’m showing, you can see that it does the same thing, even when sitting down. The way the model sits with her legs (slightly toward the camera), makes the legs look very long. This pose is very flattering if done correctly; it’s all about the angle and how you place your legs so it creates this long optical illusion.

Walking in stairs & giving your side to the camera, shot from below

How To Look Better On Camera

Another photo that is taken from below, but the beauty of this picture is that they have used movement (her walking) to make this image more interesting. It’s a great trick for street style photography as it gives the image so much more life!

Also, her pose is very flattering and looks good because it’s captured from the behind but diagonally: almost from her side! Keep that in mind when trying out poses, don’t only get stuck doing the usual “straight from the front” pose, experiment with different angles!

The side pose with one foot gently back, shot from below

How To Look Better On Camera

A beautiful London shot (minus the construction work in the background). I want to give you more examples of good “side poses” because they are effective! I think this is the most common JetsetBabe pose when it’s not the usual “front” pose.

Here you can see that she is most probably standing still when posing, but she is not just standing normally. She is giving her shoulder to the camera, which is a great trick if you want to appear more slim and elegant in a photo. She keeps one foot slightly more forward than the other, and the back foot she gently lifts the heel of the ground to make the pose look more natural by adding movement.

The way she holds her head is also quite good because she doesn’t look directly into the camera (most probably, can’t see for her shades, but I assume). Instead, she looks just pass the photographers shoulder, giving a nice tilt to her head pose and a good angle for her face.

The side pose showing off your shoulder, shot from a normal height

How To Look Better On Camera

This pose is lovely to add in front of a beautiful background like you have in this shot. The important factor when you do the shoulder pose is that you have to push the arm out of your body when posing. If you hold it normally against your body you will end up having a fat looking arm (because it’s pressed to your body).

Keeping your head in profile by looking to the side, works really well in combination with the shoulder and the from diagonally/behind angle.

Another side one about this photo. It’s not only the gorgeous pose, but it’s also because that the photographer has used “the rule of thirds” in this image. The model is placed not in the center of the picture, but slightly more to the side (google the rule of thirds, and you will know exactly what I’m talking about). It gives more depth to the image and makes it look more interesting.

Natural movements while having coffee, shot from below

How To Look Better On Camera

One of the most common images out there must be when you sit at a table in a café or restaurant, and someone takes a photo of you. Usually, they all look the same, but there are ways to spice them up a little bit.

First of all, the photographer needs to try out different angles. In this photo, you can see it’s taken slightly from below, and it works! Second of all. She is not doing the usual “look at the camera and smile.” While that always works for group photos, if you want to take more interesting Instagram pictures, it won’t work because it looks very plain.

You can’t always predict what will make a photo look good, but you should always experiment and try different ideas. The photographer must take loads of pictures; he should snap away as much as possible, as long as every shot is in focus!

Then your job as a model is to try to play around with as many natural movements as possible. Take a sip from your coffee, run your hand through your hair, look around a little bit, adjust something on your clothes, take something from the table in your hand, look to the side and start laughing… and so on. You get the picture! It’s all about trying to play out a natural scene in front of the camera with the hopes that the photographer will catch some of them and it will look nice.

The point is that an image becomes less stiff and more interesting to look at, when the model does something, even if it’s something small like adjusting her hair (like in the image above.)

If you liked this post and would like me to do more on this topic, let me know in the comments section and feel free to share on social media!


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. A very nice post, as a model I wanted to supplement a few additional notes I hope someone will find handy!

    The closer an object is to the camera relevant to a focus point, will appear much larger. For the first photo, although her legs may look elongated by aligning them with the camera, be wary not to get your feet too close to the lense and far from your body, they will appear much larger!

    When shooting from the side, be wary of where you are looking – this will affect how much of your eyes are seen. By this, I mean your iris should not be lost when you’re looking to the side, it is very unflattering if your nose is pointed in one direction and the aim of your eye is in the far corner of your eye. The shoulder shot photo is a perfect example of someone doing this correctly; her nose is very far aligned from the camera and to not lose the color of her iris by looking far to the side, she instead looks off the in the distance and thus presents a more natural pose.

    A little trick I like to use for a more natural look, is pressing your lips together and then relaxing them, letting them fall ever so slightly open. This will give them a little flush of color but also serve as the beginnings of the ‘smize’. You may or may not see a small glimpse of your teeth as well which if beautiful either way.

    Anna’s comment of the shoulder image is absolutely correct: bring your arm off from your side so it is not squished and bulged on your side. But further, remember this trick when you are sitting as well! When photographing while sitting, sit on the very end if the chair or have your thighs off the seat of the chair so they aren’t squished and unflattering. Further to this, do not sit fully back in your chair, this wrinkles clothes, creates a larger look while your body is squishing, is not using your natural muscles to stay upright that would otherwise show definition, and so on.

    When taking photos with your friends, burst on iPhone is the best! Holding down the shutter button will take multiple photos at once, allowing you to slowly move through different actions and capturing something in natural motion!

    I hope this will help some people get some better shots. Cheers!

  2. There are great tips, the only thing to taking the great photos is that you always have to have someone with you. A person who also is good at taking pictures. Every time I get someone to take my picture that does not understand angles, the picture just come across looking bad. Because they do not know what they are doing.

    • @Sophia Yes I agree. I have experienced who don’t know how to take photos or they just don’t feel like it and rush through the photo leaving you with a bunch of unflattering photos and you just wasted a great outfit because you couldn’t get a good photo.

  3. Lisa-Diane on

    Thank you for the poses and training. I would like to see more poses as I am using online dating sites and need better photos. Also, I have a high forehead that photographs fine forward, but has a strange curve at the top when seen from the side. I am 63 years old and don’t know if I should wear bangs anymore. I have long blond hair or can cut it into an A-line bob.

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