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How to pick Designer looking Leopard shoes on a budget

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Leopard & animal print shoes will always be in style no matter how many years that pass us by.

In the jetset fashion world they are a must have item! But for us on a budget who don’t afford buying designer footwear, How can we pick expensive looking leopard shoes for a cheaper price? I will tell you now.

Leopard shoes, how to pick expensive looking for a cheap price3 secrets when shopping leopard printed shoes on a budget:

  • Print – Designer shoes have generally better looking animal print than the budgets ones. Cheap shoes has usually dull looking print and in some cases it barely looks like leopard print. But there are exceptions and it’s a sport to find those hidden gems who are both low priced and beautiful!
  • Heel – As a general rule for heels, designer ones are usually very high and have a nice shape to it. Cheap heels are as a standard low – mid height with a basic looking shape. Like mentioned above, there are exceptions and the trick is to find those exceptions! Look for higher beautiful shaped heels and you won’t go wrong!
  • Details – If you go designer you automatically pay more for the design as there are usually more work involved in that process. They can have original extras, details or looks – where’s the budget one is normally basic and mass produced. Look out for the budget shoes with an original design or cute details.

As another general rule I have is Material, but with online shopping it’s hard to estimate the feel of the shoe, there for I will leave you like this. But if you are shopping offline, please bare that in mind. 

  1. Jimmy Choo £495, €608, $795 VS Zara £50, €61, $80
  2. Jimmy Choo £525, €686, $843 VS Dune  £80, €98, $128
  3. Barbara Bui  £460, €565, $739 VS Dune £42, €51, $67



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  1. Leopard classy? Huh?

    I was under the impression that leopard prints are sexy in a cheap-sort of way — not classy.

  2. Not a fan of leopard prints…actually, I have never seen anyone wearing animal prints and looking classy.

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