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How to move to a new country

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How to move to a new country



I must announce myself being a bit of an expert in this field as I’ve moved countries quite a few times in my lifetime.
Each time has always had it’s different circumstances; once I moved because of my boyfriend, another time because of a job offer, a third time to study, a fourth time because I got stuck in the place as a tourist and it just came naturally to settle.

Many people find it frightening to get out of their comfort zone and start over in a completely new country. All those complicated things to sort out and question in their minds – it might feel so overwhelming, they cannot even picture the move in their heads. Where to start? How to go about everything?

It’s not as difficult & complicated as it may seem.



Depending on how you will make a living, finances can play a varied role. Let’s say your plan is to look for a job once you settle, then yes you need some savings on your account so that you know you’ll be able to survive at least 1-3 months without an income while you’re job hunting. If you have an income secured already (you’ve got a job/studies) then you don’t really need that much savings. I’d still recommend to come with something rather than empty handed as money for deposit of accommodation can be needed or pocket money while you’re waiting for your first pay check.

Other than that you just need money for a ONE WAY TICKET.



You would be surprised how a little help from Google actually can find you any type of job in any country. I’ve done it twice already, getting a job offer before moving. It takes some time to search, as there are endless job sites and ways of applying. Some companies would not be interested interviewing you unless you’re in the country already, but there are many that can fly you down for that or do it over the phone.

Most commonly is to search for work once you’re on location. Easier and a safer bet I would say. Depending on what job you’ll be searching for, you can either look online or visit the places by leaving your CV. Again, it all depends on the profession, some will require a more serious approach.



This is something I recommend to look once you arrive to your destination. Once I pre booked my accommodation, when I moved to Italy and found a room online that I booked by phoning them and make them promise to hold me the room. I was very lucky as they were honest people, but I’ve heard so many people getting screwed over especially if they pre pay a deposit (never do that unless you sign a contract face to face).

What you need to do basically is to book something cheap for your arrival, B&B, hotel or most common with young people is to check in to a hostel (as sometimes house hunting can take weeks!). Then you start checking ads on a daily basis, booking viewings with people that rent out rooms or flats. Usually a deposit is needed + one month rent in advance when moving in. That is normal, and for that it’s good if you have cash saved for. Never give out any money without a legit contract!



If you move to a country where you don’t speak the language, I would highly recommend to sign up for classes anywhere. If you can study online before departure that’s an advantage, because don’t forget many companies require you to speak their local language. But to be honest, if you make friends only with local people, don’t use any English and really make an effort to learn, then you should be able to speak quite well after 3-4 months. I started speaking fluent Italian after 6 months approx.



Banking, Taxes, Social Security number etc. All this is very individual depending of the country you move to. In some places it’s easy in some not. It also depends if you’re in the country on a visa etc. I’m not going to go in to this topic in dept as it’s just too individual. My advice is to google this information yourself. You will find everything you need, and if you don’t find then go on various forums for expats or travellers and just ask away your questions.

For me the company employing me has always helped me with everything or even the people around me (work mates, flat mates etc) whenever I’ve had questions regarding opening a bank account, getting a social security number etc. Just research and you shall find!


To summarize,

I promise you; It’s not as difficult as it may seem. And if you fear of going on your own without knowing anyone, Don’t worry about that either! (Unless you’re an extreme introvert who will lock yourself at home all the time, then sorry) If you’re a normal person who like to meet new people, you will make new friends sooner than you think. It’s just something that happens naturally, you don’t really need to put that much effort or thought in to it. Plus there are always people in your situation abroad and you always end up finding each other somehow. I’ve always had at least.

Just do it if you’re curious about it. And if you have any questions, I’m always happy to help! 

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  1. You are so courageous…good for you. May i asked how old are you? My dream is to live in France…but i don t do anything for it 🙁 i just dream about it and don t have the courage to do it…maybe because i m 26 years old an i feel like i m too old for this

  2. What kind of jobs have you taken over the years as I can’t imagine it was very easy to get a job in Italy at 19.

  3. Hello! I love your blog and channel, they are both so very inspirational. Something I was curious about though is what would you recommend for someone who would want to travel and study abroad but does not want to take on any debt while doing so. I would love to study abroad, but am not in love with the idea of student loan debt for the next ten years.

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