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How to motivate yourself for going to the gym

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How to be motivated for gym guide


How to be motivated enough to go to the gym

– the ultimate guide for all lazy people

Gym is not the most exciting place in the world I can admit, but it’s the only tool for you to use if you want  to get that dream body. (And if you want to become a Jetset Babe you have to be in shape!) But how to get motivated to keep it going or those days when you feel like canceling your membership and just sit at home and give up.

Well listen up as I will introduce my personal techniques that makes me stayed disciplined and get my ass down exercising those days I just wanna be on the couch and grow more beautiful cellulites 😉

  • Get a routine going – Do gym as a part of your weekly routine, preferably on weekdays (easier to follow like that). Have set days and times when you go, if you don’t have a set schedule then it easy becomes “I can go later” (and of course you end up not going). My routine is to go Monday – Friday on my lunch hour brake at 12.30 am. After a while it becomes a big habit and would feel strange to break.
  • Get inspired by tumblr pics – Follow tumblr blogs where they only post pictures of hot girls with amazing bodies and dedicate 5 min scrolling through these blogs every time you feel demotivated. I use my iPhone for this so that any time, anywhere I feel like skipping gym, I take a little look and motivate myself. Sometimes when I’m actually at the gym, sweating on the step machine and wanting to give up I pull my phone out and give myself motivation. Works every time!

How to be motivated for gym guide

  • Dress up for the gym – Don’t listen to those who say it’s ridiculous with girls wearing make up when going to the gym. I’m the complete opposite. Gym is quite a boring place as it is, so why make it even more un inspiring by looking (= feeling) like shit? I always doll myself up before a work out, as I want to bring out as many positive emotions from my gym session as possible. Like that I always carry a positive memory of my session and look forward coming back next time. Plus it’s more inspiring going to the gym when you have guys to flirt with and run a little faster on the thread mill for looking absolutely stunning. 😉 
  • You become less hungry for junk – If you’re like me who has troubles eating healthy and crave easily for sugar and junk – then going to the gym might be the only solution for you to stay away from all that crap! It’s proven that your glycol gets stabilized and you loose apetite for bad foods.


Work out and get slim


  • Get naturally high – Everyone knows that when you exercise your body starts to release endorphins and dopamine which is the substance that makes us happy and content. It’s very true and I love that sensation in the body and mind after an hour in the gym, you feel so relaxed and at ease with everything, it’s so amazing! My main motivator is when I start missing that feeling and can’t wait to get down to the gym, loose some tension to feel naturally happy again. Remember next time how it feels after a work out and let that become your trigger.
  • Patience and living on your results – The worst is the beginning. Trust me on that one! I would say up to 1 month there wont be any signs of improvement in your body (everyone is different of course). But after 1 month things will start to happen and you will notice. Once you start noticing it’s like riding a bike down hill because then the results will become a natural motivator for you to continue. And you will until you achieve your dream body! I always weigh myself after each work out to spice the result hunt up a bit. Works really good, even though some days are bad but it makes me to want work even harder!

Work out and get slim

Remember, all Jetset Babes go to the gym, and if you wanna become one – you should start too!


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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.

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  1. The looking at photos is excellent advice!

    In the beginning it’s true you won’t notice difference in the 1st month. You have to trust the work is working therefore weigh once a month to see actual improvements and not to become too stressed and obsessed

    To see proper results with diet & work wait till a year because it takes time for fat to shred away & then you will reach your optimum weight. If you wish to become skinny then it’s time to really think what type of foods to have & certain exercises

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