How To Look Rich On Instagram

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It has never been easier to “fake it till you make it” thanks to the power of social media. Today anyone can look rich on Instagram without having to be rich! 

In my online finishing school, I talk a lot about personal branding and image development. Whether you like the idea or not, it’s actually what makes someone successful in the high-society.

Once you have full control over how people perceive you, you can plant any seeds you want in people’s heads. The seeds you plant depends all on the goals that you have! What are your goals? Do you need to raise your level of affluence to be aligned with your goals?

In some cases, the answer is yes. Which is where working with your personal brand comes into play. There are many ways how one can fine-tune their image. Today I want to give you a check-list of ways how YOU can fake it till you make it on Instagram (with a dose of humor)!

The Private Jet

A shot with you inside or outside – it doesn’t matter! You with a jet will leave the impression you’re playing with the big boys.

Fancy Shopping

You don’t show off when you’re elbowing with Plain Janes inside Zara. You show off when you’re sipping champagne inside a designer boutique!

100+ Roses (The competition of “Who got the most?”)

A luxury girl shows off her bouquet when it’s minimum 100 roses (anything else and your guy is a cheapo). The ideal is 500-1000 roses, covering a whole room. Or a bathtub.

Expensive unboxing

Youtubers started this trend. Now every show-off Instagirl is taking over when she’s “unboxing”  her latest purchases. (We all know why she’s doing it)

Travel to Mykonos

You’re no JetsetBabe if you’ve never been to Mykonos.

Travel to Monaco

You’re definitely no JetsetBabe if you’ve never been to Monaco.

On a yacht (preferably mega-yacht)

It doesn’t matter who’s yacht it is. As long as you’re there in a bikini, looking fabulous and taking photos – you’ve accomplished one very important jet-setting goal!

First class Travel

Don’t let me get started on the images from first class (preferably Emirates or other middle eastern airlines). Make everyone jealous at home with the fact that you’re traveling in style and they’re “rubbing shoulders” in coach!

Birthday Extravagance

No “Sad cupcake with a candle”- photos on your birthday, please! Show how special and popular you are by posting (and posing) with all the love you get from your man, family & friends. We want to see rooms filled with flowers, balloons, teddy bears and other attributes you will only use for this self-validating Kodak moment.

Luxury Breakfast

Have you ever heard the expression “more is more”? That’s your new mantra when you’re dining with Instagram! It doesn’t matter whether you eat any that stuff you pose with (better you don’t!). The point is that you model your breakfast and show the world how perfect it is. Perfect life means a perfect breakfast!

Shopping on Rodeo Drive

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman set the trend for us back in the days. Now, every JetsetBabe has to:
1. Visit L.A
2. Take the obligatory photo strolling on Rodeo Drive.

Skiing in Courchevel

Whether you know how to ski or not, your new affluent-self has to be seen in the mountains during the winter season! And not to whatever mountains: Preferably Courchevel, Gstaad or St Moritz. So pack your moon boots and your fist pump; The after-ski is waiting for you!

Expensive car

No Toyota Prius when JetsetBabe is in town! Make sure to arrange a photo shoot with all the fancy vehicles where you’ve been a passenger.

Please note: No taking pictures next to random luxury cars on the streets (It’s sooo obvious when people do this!) We need your limbs inside the vehicle to believe!

Car Logo

Once you’ve made it inside one of these vehicles, maybe a Bentley or a Rolls. Make sure you document the life out of it! Tilt your head strategically so the logo can be seen behind you. And if you have any matching bling “spontaneously” place your finger where it can be seen.

Chanel Shopping

If you can’t make it to Rodeo Drive, make it to any Chanel boutique where people will envy the fact that you burn 4k minimum on handbags. At least if you pose with the correct bags.

Christian Louboutin

Show off those red soles baby!  Spice it up by including Hèrmes on a corner. And some Van Cleef jewelry. Like this you have the entire JetsetBabe starter pack covered!

Gondola ride in Venice

Once you get driven around by some tired Italian in a gondola in Venice, you know it’s time to get that gondola money’s worth! Snap like there is no tomorrow! Show those bored people at home what they’re missing!

You and the Eiffel Tower

In case nobody ever seen the Eiffel tower, make sure you’ll be the first person ever showcasing it to them!

With the Jet-Set Dog

Since dogs are not only humans best friend, but also a trendy fashion accessory. Glamorous JetsetBabes know it’s a must-have and a luxurious extension of themselves.

The bathtub

Now you have the best excuse to innocently undress for the gram and introduce your boobies to your followers.

Riding a heli

Private jet = Check! Helicopter = Check! I’m a baller = Check!

Your relationship with Patek Philippe

“What’s the time?” Sad no one ever when taking a picture and uploading the time to Instagram.


Girl… Seriously… No Maldives? = No JetsetBabe. It’s that simple.



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Its easy to have an expensive looking Instagram once you’re already in the game but how in the world are girls who are just starting out supposed to pose in front of a private jet or sip champagne at Chanel boutique?? This is not applicable even for “fake it till you make it” because if you are in a position to travel 1st class and visit Maldives or simply achieve any of these tips that means you are already swimming in deep waters therefore there is no need to fake it. Perhaps you should share more advice for girls that are literally beginners.

    By the way, on your YT Live you mentioned that you don’t do house chores for your boyfriend. I was wondering what would be the best reaction if a guy asks you to do chores and if he views it as a transactional thing. For example- he is financing me, buying me gifts, taking me to trips etc. but in return asks me to iron his clothes, make him dinner…

    Thanks in advance Anna 🙂

    • I think if he’s able to spoil you financially he could also easily afford a cleaning lady / household staff, right? 😉

  2. I think this post is ridiculous.
    Why would somebody need to show off like that and above all if it is to pretend . I really don’t get this one and this need to take pictures and putting it on internet for people to see. I am still young but this mode is not classy.


  4. Enjoyed this post. But the irony of people doing these things to “look rich” on Instagram, is quite hilarious. What’s even funnier, is that people that are ACTUALLY rich, don’t do this foolishness.

  5. Lol love the sarcasm… I love to see luxury posts, but don’t like it when people posting it just to show off or get some validation.

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