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How To Look Classy In A Nightclub

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I talked about this topic with one of my readers: How to look classy in a nightclub without looking boring. Classy & elegant clothing that I mostly blog about, might look a bit too stiff, uptight and boring in the setting of a pumping nightclub. Yet, classy JetsetBabes do let their hair down & party sometimes. But what do they wear in order to not look dull?

Let’s investigate…

Long sleeves on a bodycon dress

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Short, tight bodycon dress showing tits and butt? No thanks.
Short, tight bodycon dress covering tits and arms? Feels already a bit classier.

If it’s not too hot, wearing long sleeves in the nightclub can be just as sexy as the usual sleeveless look. It gives a contrast to the rest of the outfit where the dress might still be a mini, but at least the long sleeves leave a bit to the fantasy which makes the dress more classy!

Sexy Blazer Dress

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

I’m not a dress + boots type of girl, but I must say this outfit really works! It’s sexy, cool and feels very trendy! Again long sleeves which give you the flexibility of being a bit more provocative without going too far. I think this outfit is a fun version of the classy blazer, and the boots add some bad ass factor!

Mini dress with an innocent touch

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Not sure how to describe this one… It’s clearly a mini dress (the type that I had just say No thanks to). But sometimes I think there are exceptions. For me, this one is an exception.

Yes, it’s revealing, short and showing loads of skin. But because the chest is covered up and the embroideries giving the dress an Ibiza Chic romantic touch; it gets classy approved! But the important thing is to wear a dress like this to an appropriate occasion, not where ever. To a party in Ibiza I would wear it 100%!

The flirty dress

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Men love these type of dresses… Flirty, romantic, not too formal, somewhere in between dressy & daytime, short, nice material, girly.

These dresses are great for summer because they are so feminine and easy to wear! They work very well in a club or just going for a drink somewhere. It’s always nice having a dress with some skirt to it, so when you dance, you really look sexy on the dancefloor, swirling it around!

The bold & interesting fashionista dress

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

If you’re more inclined towards being a trendy fashionista, then wearing a statement dress in a club can be your pick! The boldness can come from the color, cut or design – or both!

If this dress has got volume, you can easily wear a shorter one like these two dresses without it looking skanky. On the contrary, it looks very stylish and makes total sense! Add some sexy heels to it (men love heels with straps or animal print), and you will be the best dressed in the club!

The Jumpsuit

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Why not wear a jumpsuit in the club? I think many of them can be quite sexy while showing off your curves and silhouette.

I love black jumpsuits but for the nightclub, you could go bolder by wearing red. Very attention catching and signals passion which is a great start if you’re on the look for men flirting with you. This jumpsuit has a very deep décolletage. Usually, I don’t think it looks classy to showcase your breasts, but on exceptions like this, it can look nice as long as it’s kept tasteful like on this girl.

Anything with metallics

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Party clothes should be fun, and metallic colors add that fun to any outfit! You can go all in with a dress, or just a pair of cropped trousers or a skirt. Pull it off in a high fashion way rather than the cheap Go-Go dancer style.

Silk dress with open front or side

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

It may feel a bit too formal wearing a long gown, but you can still get away with it if it’s an open gown. Anything in silk adds some sexiness to it, so combining that in a longer dress can be a winning option!

I think it’s classy (silk is a very classy material) and the longer length of a dress adds confidence to a woman. You will stand out without people thinking what the hell you’re wearing. But you need to be comfortable this way; if you’re not, then no dress can ever save the self-conscious energy you send out!

And if nothing seems to work… Then why not try the usual pencil dress!

Classy Clothes To Wear In a Nightclub

Not that boring if you have one that is sleeveless and colorful. The usual black one can feel a bit too office like for a party night, but a white (or another color) will work exceptionally well.

It’s just a piece of classic garment that everyone should have in the wardrobe. If you one day struggle to put together a party outfit, you can always count on the good old pencil dress! Sexy, simple and classy!

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  1. I think if the idea is just TO LOOK in the club, than wear that amazing red jumpsuuit or the BREATHTAKING Lilly Ghallicci dress. But a blazer-dress? While dancing and sweating all night? Or do you really imagine “a pencil dress/ scirt” to be appropriate option to dance in it? You can`t spread your legs in it and how are you going to balance on heels, dancing while sweating and not even being able to move your body properly. And have you ever spend a night in a club with a blazer? I don`t think it`s something that would look good when you start moving your arms while dancing. And if you put it on a naked body – even worse. It`s gonna be glued on you before you even start dancing and sweating properly. I think it also matters what type of music you`ll be dancing to. You can`t look glamorous in a night club dancing 50 cent music with long gown or pencil scirt.

    • Oh yes you can 🙂 I often where long sleeve pencil dress while clubing, and never had a problem, not with the heat and not with the dancing. The dance moves you can’t do while using a pencil dress is not classy dance moves.

      • Moving only your arms and swinging slightly I wouldn`t call “dancing”. And the fact you tell me you wore long-sleeve pencil dress and wasn`t on heat just prooves it twice. That`s not dancing – you are just thinking you are dancing while posing. If you can`t even move comfortably, you def. can not dance.

  2. I love all the outfits except for the bodycon dresses. I have never been a fan of them and the long sleeve ones just look too hot.

  3. Thank you for your great tips on wearing metallic colors to the nightclub! I might be going to the nightclub with my friends for the first time this weekend, and have no idea what to wear. I will definitely keep all of your great tips and information in mind when trying to decide what to wear to the nightclub.

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