How To Level Up In 2021

What’s your level up goal? I assume you’ve committed yourself to putting in the effort to make your goals happen!

But who is the woman you want to become in one year from now? The first step to leveling up in 2021 is simple: Get clear on what your goal is! One long-term goal, and one goal for where you want to be in 12 months.

How To Level Up In 2021


So that’s step 1… But what happens next?

Let me give you the framework…

Make Leveling up Become Your Nr. 1 Priority!

Your level up journey should be a healthy obsession of yours! You need to really immerse yourself in the project that is the project of your life! That means, you might want to use tools such as vision boards, screensavers & screen wallpapers to keep your eyes on the prize. (I would even go as far as putting the Whatsapp chat wallpaper to be an image of your goal!) Anything to not lose the connection that you feel for when you might get a little bit disconnected!

All of this is great for Law of Attraction btw, so it will work in your favour that way too!

Consider setting alarms on your phone that are labeled using an affirmation that pops up and reminds you of where you are going and the effort you ned to make.

Also, create a binder or computer folder with visuals and quotes. Although this is similar to a vision board but if you travel, this can come with you when you’re on the go. 

Examples: Do you want to move to another country? Stream the radio and/or any tv from that country or place to give yourself the feeling of being in that location. Same goes for if you want a toned, lean body? Make a slideshow of motivational pictures to watch while you do your workout.

These visualisation tools will help you really immerse in your own level up goal. They will help bringing you momentum on days you feel you’re lacking motivation!

How To Level Up in 2021


Map Out Your Level Up Plan

Plans are an extension of your beliefs and your expectations. When we really believe we can have something, we naturally make plans to bring it into fruition. It’s when we haven’t done the work to truly believe we deserve and can have the thing, that we avoid planning because we expect we will fail. But you my love, have done that work.

Make a list of what it is you want and determine when you want to achieve it by. Consider the timeline and the sub-steps you need to make.

Example: You may need to book an appointment with an aesthetician to improve your skin before you book a glow-up session with a makeup artist. Some things make be ongoing work, like improving your etiquette or practising your posture. Write it all out in your level up plan and anything that has a price tag, write the price beside it so you plan to budget for it. (The financial side might need a separate level up plan!)

How To Level Up As A Woman


Seek out a Community

You may have heard of an “Accountability Partner” or “Business BFF”, but what about a “Level up Partner”? Join a community of like minded women where you can potentially meet someone in your city. The two of you can work together in this process to support and push each other forward on this journey. This is going to be the beginning of your quality associations. (I’m soon going to reveal something very exciting that I’m working on that will help you achieve your networking goals! You will find out more if you’re subscribed to my newsletters.)

But meanwhile, it can be worth understanding what kind of networking type you are in order to improve your networking skills! I’ve created a networking quiz where you can get to know your type & get some advice on how to improve your weaknesses. (You will need this skill in order to have success in your level up!)

How To Level Up As A Woman


Do the Work,
Trust the Process,

Now – Just DO it!  Stay focused on becoming the amazing woman you will be just one year from now and make the effort, EVERY SINGLE DAY!

One tool that has helped me over the years to focus is a habit tracker. On chart paper, right down the left side, put all of the actions you need to take for the day to achieve your goal. Then write 1-30 across the top to represent each day. On a daily basis, check off each task as you complete it. The goal is to get checkmarks for all 30 days.

Posting quotes around the house has helped me as well. One of my favourite quotes are: “You get what you work for”, as this reminds me that it’s about making the effort.

Other quotes that I have are ” Don’t be mad at the results you don’t have from the work you didn’t do” and “I am everything I desire and work to be”.

Feel free to use these or post up whatever it will take to give you the daily kick to make the effort in becoming the woman you know you where meant to be and keep your level up process going!

Women Who Level Up


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