How To Land A Job That Takes You To Monaco

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This is a post written by one of the members in my private Facebook group. Wiam shares with us how she recently found a new job that took her to Monaco and the interesting details about what happens there when you go there for a conference!

Thank you Wiam for contributing, visit her Instagram here. 

My Strategy For Getting Hired

Many of you in the group were wondering how I got the job in event management. It all started when I saw the online advertisement for a conference that looked very promising.

I have a background in finance, I speak many languages, I worked as a hostess and in sales before, so I thought there was no reason they would not need me. At the same time, I thought of a video I had seen on Youtube that said: if you want to approach wealth you have to hang out around them, put yourself where they are and ideally work with them.

The video suggested that if you cannot work, you can offer your help to volunteer for a conference or charity event and this is what I did. I found the email of the CEO and sent my CV with a small text explaining that I could help on many levels. Sometimes before getting a job you have to prove that you are worth it.

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Sunny Days never end in this Magical place ✨

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Two of my close friends did the same move: one suggested to do a free market research for a company and another one decided to create drinks events for entrepreneurs. The first one was recruited by his dream company and the second one, who is actually my sister, has become a community manager for startups and entrepreneurs. This confident attitude works, and the company I applied to, loved it!

These are my tips on getting the job:

1. Be aware of what is going on and keep an eye open for the events happening in strategic cities.
2. Be brave enough to apply when nobody asked you anything, and make sure that you have a good reputation on the internet.
3. Create your own path for your dream career and go for it.
4. Don’t think twice and trust your intuition when it tells you to go somewhere. I was literally shivering when I saw the conference advertisement. I had to go and I had to find a way.


You Have To Look The Part

The CEO of the company did a background check on me. Not only did I have a good CV but he saw on the internet that I do modeling from time to time. It doesn’t always help to have your model pictures on the internet, so I had to get a bunch of them deleted.

What was left was a couple of soft and classy pictures that just showed my “pretty face” which is always something people want to have with their staff, especially if they’re going to be around rich wealthy men!
You don’t have to be a model, of course, just show that you have something for you: being well-groomed, having a good sense of style, a controlled social media presence, and a nice LinkedIn picture.

JetsetBabe Career Advice


Fake It Until You Make It!

This is something my sister always told me, and when I look at pictures of my mom back in the 80’s, I can tell that she also went by this rule. My mom was always dressed so elegantly and well read about literature. When looking at her you would have never thought she comes from a poor background. She just looked clean, educated, poised, well maintained and beautiful.

Being a newbie in the jet-set world doesn’t mean you were not taught right. If you were thriving in your life, you probably are very educated (and it is never too late to work on it) and look just as good as a rich person could.

Makeup, hair, nail polish, skin care, gym membership (or working out from home), are things we all can afford nowadays. It’s just a matter of choice. I personally invest in classic pieces (like long classy dresses) that look feminine and of good quality.

One of the cheapest I own cost me 14 Euro from H&M, and the most expensive one 400 Euro from Diesel; and I get the same amount of compliments for both of them! My red blazer is from Zara and so many women told me it looks so unique.

No matter the price I usually keep my clothes for years if they are classics! Everyone was complimenting me on my sense of style and how good I looked. I did my nails by myself, wore a little bit of jewelry, the whole face of makeup and bright red lipstick every day, perfume, heels or platform sandals when I was tired. Never too revealing never looking conservative. Just chic and feminine wearing pink black & white, black & red, navy blue & white, golden accessories.


Know Who To Invest Time In And How To Behave

After work events are the best time to socialize. If you want to be taken seriously, you have to show up acting nice, approachable and classy. No over drinking, no yelling, no slutty clothes!

During these events, I was quickly approached by many men. I was nice to everyone but decided to save and invest my time with the ones that were extra nice to me, would give a good feedback to my boss about me and willing to take me out and introduce me to other people.

Girls, do your research beforehand especially if you are around so many men, not everyone is worth your time and energy! The ones I invested time with wrote positive feedback about me to my boss, took me to private parties and high-end restaurants where I paid nothing and had all I want. The best part is that 3 of them even offered me a job! To be continued…


Be Helpful But Also Hard To Get

“How can I help you ?” Is what I kept saying during the one week conference in Monaco. Rich people hate being taken advantage of and approached for their money. So I approached never asking anything from them, just offering my help. And they loved me because of that, gave me business cards, took me out, offered me jobs etc.

Actually, two men came to me after only two days to tell me that they were already in love with me and that I was really outstanding, I was kind of proud I have to say! 🙂

This leads me to my last but not least point:


Set your limits!

Rich men feel entitled to your time, efforts, beauty. They were taught wrong by desperate women ready to do anything to get them. But I acted the “princess way”, like I am the prize, and said no when they tried to get physical or disrespectfully flirty.

Be careful when you try to socialize while being at work, you don’t want to endanger your reputation and men like a little bit of challenge, they will respect you for that.

Also, learn to set limits with your boss: you can offer to volunteer but negotiate a pay for performance when you connect people or bring more people to the event.

Overall I had an amazing week and managed to get good contacts with important people while having an amazing time!

So yeah that’s it girls and if you have any questions I’d be happy to answer and to connect with you on Instagram too:  Speak to you soon! Much love ❤



About Author

Wiam is from Geneva Switzerland. She holds a bachelor’s in business administration, a Master’s in Management and Strategy and a Master’s in International Trading. With a professional background in Finance, she has now decided to create her own business as Conference Organizer and blogging for JetsetBabe. Wiam likes to write about self-development to empower women around the world and help them become the best version of themselves. She loves to experience life to the fullest and has a background in modeling, being a beauty pageant winner, dancing, sports and more. One of the things she enjoys the most is traveling and discovering other cultures and places which lead her to learn six different languages. To get in touch: Instagram @ Wiam_Bai_Mei


  1. So she is smart enouth to land a good job, to dress smart, to know how to behave herself and so on, but not smart enough to know that those two men who said they were inloved with her only after two days, say it just cause they tried to f—- her. She is not the first nice presented well spoken woman they see. The probably see like at least 10 every day and they don`t “fall inlove” that easily.

    • Well if you put it that way, you should also be smart enough to know that EVERY man will ALWAYS try to sleep with an attractive woman and will say anything to get what he wants even if he just met her. So it is actually a compliment because it shows he is attracted to her…nothing wrong there.

  2. Those plastic nails are very”class”for Monaco 😂…and yes,you’re approached by many wealthy(or wanted to look wealthier than they really are), old/married men because Monte Carlo is packed with bimbos&prostitutes 😁 and they know it….

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