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How To Improve Your Life In 2019

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If we don’t take charge of our own lives, nothing we want is ever going to manifest. I see the beginning of 2019 an opportunity for us to start fresh and using the momentum of a new year to create change.

Today I’ve posted a new video on my Youtube channel, I hope you will like it. If you do, show your support by liking, commenting and subscribing. It means a lot to me.

Below find a short summary of the 8 important things to think about on your goal-setting journey this year – including the homework I’ve prepared for you! Let me know how it goes for you.


Being able to admit to yourself that you’re not where you want to be in life, is the first and most crucial step to take for implementing change. A lot of us live in denial because it’s easier than shedding light on your own imperfections. Not everyone can say to themselves: “I’ve screwed up” “I’m not making enough effort” or “I’ve failed at this”.

Once you can take the courage to be honest with yourself, that’s when the ball will start rolling in the right direction.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


We all love playing the blame-game: Coming up of excuses, blaming people or our circumstances, waiting for someone or something to change before we take action, postponing to another day and so on.

Any form of delaying the action that doesn’t require us to face the uncomfortable right now – we love doing it! It gives us temporary relief from the problem. It makes us feel better with ourselves when our defense mechanisms are taking over and dealing with the discomfort.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


Being honest with yourself and stop giving excuses can only happen once you take responsibility for yourself. This is usually the break-through moment and for some the hardest part.

But, change can only happen when a person takes full ownership of her life. That’s when you really can begin to take action and see life transform.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


When you’ve reached this step, that’s when the fun really begins. You’ll be able to see small things manifesting slowly but surely, usually because you get the ball in motion.

I recommend to take your big goal and break it down into small “bite-size pieces”. One big goal should now be multiple miniature goals that are easy to “digest”.

Like this, you will not feel overwhelmed. Instead, you will have a detailed overview of exactly what steps you need to take in what direction to reach your goal.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


When we are bound to take action, we might also be bound to facing some uncomfortable moments. Growth is never a moment of pleasure. It’s usually filled with discomfort, stress, anxiety and other emotions. But the rewards are sweet and the light at the end of the tunnel is where you want to be.

So you will have to accept that you must embrace this discomfort and face your fears if you want your big payout to happen. There is just no other way around it than just doing it.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


To get your new life going for you, you’ll need to shed your old skin in order to grow a new one. For this reason, you must let go of anything that no longer is serving you. That includes people, nay-sayers, who you were yesterday, what you did yesterday, your past, your old belief system and so on…

Now is the time to become that person you always aspired to be. Now is the time to create the life you always wanted to live.

Remember one important thing. Letting go of your old belief system might be one of the biggest favors you can do to yourself.

Don’t believe everything that goes on in your head.
Your thoughts are not facts. Neither are your doubts.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


While you work simultaneously with your big goal, you also have to work with your willpower. Willpower is not a free product that we have within us, ready to serve us whenever we need it.

No. Willpower is something we need to re-create on a daily basis. It’s like a fuel tank we need to re-fill when we want to get into our car and drive towards our dreams.

Make sure you have a system set up for you so that you can efficiently fill up your tank daily.

One way to do it is to ask yourself every single day “WHY” you’re doing what you’re doing. And “HOW MUCH” you want the results that you’re after.

Use your lust and desire for change to fill up your tank on daily basis.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


The reason why you’re not where you want to be in life is that you don’t have enough discipline to execute the action steps you need to take for your goals to happen.

I want you to train up your discipline because you will need it together with your willpower to take you down towards your goal.

For most of us, our “discipline” muscle is very weak. But it’s fixable if you start using it and start training it to make it more durable. The more things you accomplish thanks to willpower and discipline, the stronger your discipline will become.

Use working out as your way of practicing discipline. The more you manage to hit the gym, the stronger discipline you will get which will be very useful for creating your dream life.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019


  • Get a journal
  • Write down your dream life
  • Once done, ask yourself what you need to change to get this life.
  • Write down these changes on a new page in a list format.
  • Go to a new page, and start writing down the first change from your list. Break this change into “bite-sized” action steps.
  • Do it all over again for the next change and so on.
  • In the end, summarize everything with daily action steps that include the “bite-sized” pieces you just broke down.

If you start implementing small steps in the right direction on a daily basis, you will get closer and closer towards your goal.

If you ignore this, then most likely you’ll stay exactly where you are right now in life.

I hope to hear from you next time this year, where you write to me and say “Anna, I did it! I’ve created change”.

That’s what taking action is all about.

How To Improve Your Life In 2019

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Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Anna dear, just a year ago I found your page thanks to the blog of my favorite beauty writer.
    Right at that moment I began to materialize my project that addresses the relevance of expressing great beauty to experience this human incarnation as it really was our attribute to come here.
    Although we point to directions that may look different above, in the background is the same essence !, and I was very happy to have found another brave woman to talk about our evolution in the world of reality that is this life.
    From the bottom of my heart Thanks and Congratulations, for motivating, nurturing and inspiring to achieve self-love and fulfillment.
    Success and forward!

  2. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for this post. I have lots of goals but I’d like to start with 3 main ones for this year:
    1) Weigh 150lbs (I’m 5’11”) and this will allow me a strong and lean body so I can look great and still play beach volleyball… at 52 years old – yeah!
    – Daily mini action: read one of your blogs
    – Exercise: run 30-45 min or get to the gym and life
    – Do your cabbage diet 4 x this year, will mostly veggies and lean protein the rest of the time
    2) Accelerate my business/career
    – 20 connections/phone sales calls M-F
    – Master online sales strategies so my team and I can see concrete results/proof
    – Build my business so I have a team of people supporting me and I’m not doing too much
    3) Create 5 residual income machines
    – Healthy Wealth Club
    – Smart Investments
    – Life of Volleyball with 3 programs and 10 simple eCommerce
    – Affiliate Marketing
    – Marketing Vlogging/YouTube Channel

    Thank you for having this blog, your videos and inspiring me to be my best!

  3. Hello Anna

    You talk about finding a role model that we look up to and you have become my role model. I find your videos and post so inspiring and it has helped me so so much. You are so inspiring and the thing that sets you apart from other self help books advise and blog post is how realistic and authentic your advise are. I truly appreciate all you do. Thank you for changing my life.

  4. I want to suggest a really good book to read called TROPHIES by Heather Thomas about a group of women who married multi-millionaires/billionaires.

    Here is an excerpt of the book on the areas of personal transformation “required” for women who want to marry a wealthy man.

    “He never would have looked at her if she hadn’t transformed her appearance, it didn’t make him fall in love with her, but it did get him to look…Need to look the part..A wealthy man’s definition of beauty was essential knowledge to a trophy, (she had to) know her new world & the qualifications for admission into it…Wealthy men are at a connoiseurial level…Appearance was very important…Become high maintenance & no slacking in looks…Don’t let the equipment disintegrate…Look the part – sophisticated, wealthy, glamorous, conservative, classy, rich, like a well-kept wife…Be beautiful, intelligent, self-possessed, and put together…Must have a clear sense of my self & my style…Refuse all wastes of time…Think & act like a trophy wife…Study the habits & lifestyle of the privileged rich…Every move had to be calculated to make him happy and her bulletproof…A trophy would never do anything to jeopardize her marriage…Kindness always, just rise above it all…Keep nose clean and make no social enemies…Keep own personal secrets close to the vest…Don’t spread gossip or tell friends’ secrets…”

    The book also touches upon the importance of politeness, being discreet, being both private and public-opinion conscious, and only befriending women who have “healthy agendas.”

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