5 Ways On How To Get A Flat Tummy

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How to get rid of your belly

Flat tummy again!

For some reason 1,5 year ago the appearance of my stomach started to change. After having a flat tummy my entire life I started gaining weight around stomach area. Strange, but I think it’s something that has to do with the age as I’ve noticed it on many of my friends who have been skinny all their life. With dieting & work out I lost weight everywhere besides on the lower abs and it started really to get me these past months as I didn’t feel comfortable wearing body con dresses always having the tummy poking out.

But now finally my tummy has shrank and is almost the way it used to be! Amazing! Sure I have lost a little bit of weight, but this time even on my stomach, so I have finally some abs showing! Yey! How did I do it? Besides healthy eating & going to the gym on a regular basis,

But these 5 ways really helped me getting my flat tummy back:


  • 200-300 work out reps for lower abs every day! Abs are a muscle group that can work out every day without any days of rest, so I’ve been spending approx 10 min each day to do 200-300 reps of various exercises for the tummy. I started with 200 and gradually build my way up the stronger core I got. However since I specifically wanted to target my lower abs I only did exercises that mainly targeted that area, hence why I didn’t do sit ups as they are for upper abs mainly.
  • Strictly no carbs as they make you bloated! Still keeping myself to it and it works!
  • Eating smaller portions, more often and each dish for 20 min! Eating fast and big portions makes a big impact to your stomach size, so I’ve been forcing myself to eat small portions and really eat it slow. 20 min is a good time and it makes you feel fuller, so you end up eating less than before!
  • Cardio – You have to do cardio if you want to loose body fat everywhere, especially in hard targeted areas. Running 25min/5x a week has slimmed me down everywhere, even around my tummy!
  • Detox days – On days when I didn’t do exercise I did detox with only water and small healthy snacks every 3 hour, rather than regular meals. Sure I could feel quite hungry, but fasting your body a little bit once In a while is a great way to shrink a little bit. But I wouldn’t do this for more than 2-3 days in a row!


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