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How to find friends

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How to find friends

– A guide how to make new friends

Nobody wants to be a one man show, we all want a big social circle and surround us with people that makes us happy. Sometimes in life we have periods where we feel lonely or our friends are too busy to hang out. Some of us find it hard to actually make new friends and instead go through life with very few of them.

But it’s never too late and it’s never impossible to find those people that can be part of your life, you just need to become proactive (that’s the usual secret to success in life). I believe it’s important to have at least one very close friend, let it be a “partner in crime”, bff or whatever you wish to call it. But someone that you can rely on, call whenever you need a person that listens or simply if you ever have troubles in life you know this friend will be there for you no matter what.

Where to find friends

Other friends are important too as you need various inspiration in life, entertainment, buds to do fun things with, people to network with etc. The larger social circle you have, the more joy and opportunities you will get in life. As an example, I have a very wide international group of people that I know – meaning every time I go abroad I usually know at least one person living in that country or city that can show me around or host me. This doesn’t mean that you need to have many friends so you can use people – NEVER! But relationship with people in general are always give and take. The more you give to people, the more will you get back in return – business or pleasure, you never know!

Where can I find friends

How to find new friends?

  • Change of attitude – Be Proactive and get yourself out there to meet people. Don’t just sit at home & do nothing!
  • Become outgoing – Open up and try and be social even if you are the total opposite
  • Smile more – Nothing attracts people more then someone looking friendly and happy
  • Be friendly – When you interact with people always be friendly, relaxed and don’t forget to ask people questions. Become likable and the rest will follow!

How to get new friends

Where to find new friends?

  • Citysocializer – A great website entirely focused on making new friends (no dating site!) I’ve used this one myself and met some great friends that become very close. Available for most of the big cities.
  • Get to know friends friends – Network through your existing friends and try and get to know their friends. If you have met XXX friend YYY once, add on facebook and get in touch with YYY. Start chatting and if you have many things in common, ask to meet up for a coffee or say that you have a spare ticket to a concert where you’d need company. (example)
  • Start a new hobbie or get involved in an organisation – Hobbies in groups will automatically make you involved with new people and easy to get to know people in a natural way that share the same interests as yourself.
  • Become a regular somewhere – Let it be the gym, pub, restaurant, shop etc but when you start becoming bud with the staff or customers because they recognize you, take that opportunity to be social and follow up with these acquaintances.
  • Meet up – Another great website to go and do things with people that share the same interest as yourself. You will find almost anything and anyone on this website!Good luck!

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