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How to eat healthy in restaurants

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How to eat healthy in Restaurants

How to eat healthy in Restaurants

The average Jetset Babe eats out a lot, minimum one to several times a week and usually in fine restaurants. But don’t get tricked by the exclusivity of the dining as it’s still very fattening – remember the saying that restaurants make their food very fatty on purpose as that enhances the taste of the food? It’s not a myth, it’s so true!

If you’re following a particular diet or trying to lose/keep weight – don’t let yourself go just because  you’re out dining. Sure once in a while doesn’t hurt, but if you do eat out often, follow some guide rules:

  • Don’t be embarrassed by being a picky eater. Don’t think you’re being too difficult! If you’re out dining, you’re paying for a service and this service should be as you request it. If you need to make special food requests then feel free to go ahead and do so!
  • If you have many questions or requests regarding your food, try and take the waiter aside in privacy prior him taking everyones order. It will be more convenient for everyone – especially yourself!
  • If anyone asks why you’re food order is complicated, feel free to pull a white lie like “You’re gluten intolerant” (in reality you don’t eat carbs cause of your diet), or you’re diabetic (hence no sugar/dessert). Blaming on an allergy works, I do it all the time when I don’t feel like sharing the fact that I’m on a diet.
  • French fries, potatoes and other carby side dishes are very popular. Take it as a habit to always request some kind of veg instead if you want to eat low carb.How to eat healthy in Restaurants
  • Always ask what alternatives to side dishes they offer, as restaurants are usually more creative than just “mixed vegetables” or “side salad”. You can be surprised sometimes! My favorite side dishes are spinach in creme, avocado or lentils.
  • Avoid the habit of always getting a soda as a soft drink, it’s full of chemicals and do you really want it that badly? I always get water, there is such no better drink for you than the traditional H2O 🙂
  • Don’t judge the vegetarian dishes too fast. I’ve been to many restaurants when they actually turn out the be tastier, healthier and more fresh than the typical meat dishes of choice. These days I always try and eat from the Vegetarian menu and I’m rarely disappointed.How to eat healthy in Restaurants
  • Sometimes there are no healthy options for main course on the menu, but starters tend to have more healthy selections. Always ask if you can have a starter as a main course (but specify you want it as a main dish in size) if you find something you’d rather eat.
  • If you’re completely open about the fact that you’re keeping a strict diet, always ask the waiter to recommend whatever is according to your diet, and if the doesn’t know then ask him to ask the kitchen for you. I ask them sometimes “what has least calories on this menu” etc..
  • Always take in consideration to ask how the food is prepared. Like that you’ll get a better understanding of calories/fattiness.
  • ….And if you don’t like the food or don’t wish to finish it – never feel pushed to do so! Sometimes I just take 1-2 bites and leave the rest (usually when I’m just “mercy eating” to keep someone else company). As long as you’re nice and polite to them, they don’t really give damn 😉

How to eat healthy in Restaurants


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