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How to do your eyelash extensions at home DIY

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how to do your own eye lashes at home

How to do your own eyelash extensions at home

Going to the salon every 2-3 weeks (1h – 1.5h each time) for eyelash extensions is so time consuming. When I do it at home, I do it once a week (sometimes every 2nd week if Im lazy) and it takes me 20 min. Sure, I’ve been doing this for 2 years now so I’m used to it, but it’s not as hard as you think to learn how to apply individual lashes on yourself – and make them last for 1-2 weeks!

Give yourself some patience and time to practice (and fail a few times) and you will notice how this beauty hack will save you time and money!! (a lot of money if you count how much you spend on lashes doing them at a salon vs. at home during 1 year)

What you need
1. Glue

I buy my lashes and glue from Ebay. I use Hair bonding glue from Salon Pro.

The glue I use is black and becomes like rubber when it dries. The advantage of using this glue:

1. When it dries it becomes black so it blends in with the actual eye lash

2. There are no fumes of chemicals of this glue making it irritation free when you do the application. You can have your eyes open when you do this and it doesn’t harm your own lashes the same way other glue do.

3. Turning in to rubber after it dries is very good as it makes your lashes more flexible than with the usual lash glue. If you by mistake sleep on your eye, you won’t wake up with messed up lashes, same goes after you shower.

4. Removal of the lashes is simple, as in a very hot shower will soften the rubber up and make it easier to pull them off.

how to do your own eye lashes at home

The secret of a good “home made application” is to add the exact right amount of glue. If you add too little glue, your lashes won’t last long, if you add too much then it will just look messed up.

If you use a lot of powder on your face (eye shadow, mineral powders etc) after some time your lashes will look “dusty” seen from above. This is easy to cover up simply by “painting them” with some eyeliner or dark eyeshadow.

2. Eyelashes


how to do your own eye lashes at home

I buy individual eyelashes in packs of 4 different sizes. As the logic tells you, you mix the sizing of the lashes depending on where you apply them on the eye.


The sizes I use are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm. (Please note 14mm is very long lashes, and only people like me with big eyes should use this size)

There are many instructional videos on youtube that shows how to best apply individual eyelashes, so just follow a tutorial.

My advice is to apply them one by one next to each other in two layers. First you apply one layer and after the second layer on top of the first to get some more thickness and get an even results with no gaps. If you want a very natural result, then 1 layer is enough.

how to do your own eye lashes at home

How to make individual lashes last 1-2 weeks

1. Don’t rub your eyes

2. Don’y sleep on your eyes

3. Don’t towel dry your eyes (let your eyes air dry after you shower/wash your face)

4. Never touch your eyelashes unless you really have to

5. When removing eye make up, remove “around the eye” without touching the eyelashes

Practice makes perfection!

Honestly, don’t expect having salon looking lashes on your first try. You won’t most probably! But after some rounds of practice you will and it will really be worth it. So start practicing and learning the technique, it’s easy and anyone can do it! 


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  1. I don’t understand how people can use eyelash extensions. You don’t wear mascara on them? I like to wash my face every night and morning feeling clean. I don’t think I would have felt that if I couldn’t wash my eyes…

  2. Hi, I enjoyed reading your “how to” here. I just wanted to point out that these lashes you are doing are not actual “eyelash extensions” that you would get at a reputable salon that would take one hour for a fill. These are “clusters, flares, or party lashes” that, while look very full and are quick to apply, are NOT recommended for extended wear, and only to be used with a very temporary (one-day) adhesive. What happens is when you apply clusters, you are sticking more than one natural eyelash together, and each hair on our body, including eyelashes, have its own life cycle. When you have two or more hairs stuck together, they cannot grow and shed properly and end up causing damage to surrounding hairs that are stuck in the clump. Also flares are too heavy for the one natural lash to support for an extended period of time, which stresses the follicle, thus causing damage to the hair.

    With actual eyelash extensions that are done properly, each natural hair is isolated and separated from the surrounding hairs, so there is no interference whatsoever with the growth cycle. It is also recommended with actual eyelash extensions that you wash your lash line daily to keep it clean and oil/dirt/makeup free.

    I just wanted to clear that up so no one is confused. 🙂

    • Eyelash follicles are the same as hair follicles on your head. So I imagine that the effects of adhering multiple strands to your natural hair would be the same as hair extentions. There are a lot of people that argue hair extentions are hugely damaging and others that say that the damage is minimal. As there are no through research conducted on either topic everything that is out there is really just hear-say. I appreciate that you are a professional but even the information given in an extension course will have very little basis in biological science.

  3. Another traveler babe on

    Hi jetsetbabe it’s been such a longtime(it’s been now 2 or 3 weeks Lol) I haven’t been on your blog. I really like your blog , the pictures , the girls , the articles and so on .
    Well now you’re talking about eyelashes extensions I just want to say that I did it one week ago on a salon but the result wasn’t like I would expect it to be unfortunately . The extensions was bad quality .:/

    (Sorry for my english 🙂 )

  4. O my gosh I cant belive some one would post something that is so damaging to you natural lashes and may be as well for the actual eye. These are cluster lashes not individual one by one. The reason lash extensions can be expensive is because the lash tech really takes the time to secure these are on one by one to give the look of a beautiful long and full lash. It is a very tedious job lash techs make sure that the natural lash if healthy. these clusters are applied to every 3-5 lashes at one time….lashes come in various lengths and shed at different times…clusters do not allow for that to happen they hold everything in place not allowing for natural lashes to grow ? or fall when they need to tus holding on to mold, dirt, oil….in my opinion party?clusters are great for exactly THAT A PARTY A ONE NIGHT OR WEEKEND EVENT. if u want real quality lash extensions see a professional!!!
    we want you to look beautiful with or without extensions don’t risk loosing your real lashes…seek a proffesional cant stress that enouhj!!

  5. I would highly recommend going to a reputable eyelash tech and having the clusters + hair glue removed and have them take a pic of your natural lashes and discuss the condition they are in. I think you’ll be sad to discover that continuous wear of clusters has caused damage. Individual eyelash extensions are applied to a single lash, not all clumped together. Be careful ladies!

  6. I agree with Emily. In addition, it is not possible to see your new baby lash hairs growing in, and not get adhesive on them if you are not using special magnifiers. Can’t wear magnifiers and lash yourself at the same time. I love wearing lash extensions professionally applied. Check out in order to find experienced eyelash extension artists. It’s worth the money to save your lashes!

  7. Hello guys, and thanks for the feedback about the damages. You might be right in what you’re saying, but I must say in my case there has not been any damage so far. Maybe I’m an exception from the law of nature? 🙂

    I used to do “real” eye lash extension at a salon for 3 years. After that I’ve been doing my “cluster lash extension” for 2 years. I can honestly say that I have more and longer “of my own” lashes NOW than I used to have when I did at the salon.

    Sure, it makes sense what you say with the shedding and growing out your own lash, but for some reason in my case it’s been working out fine anyway. When my own lash sheds it goes away when I remove my eye lash (you can see the old one stuck in the glue). And a new lash have always been “born” underneath the false one, so I guess it finds it’s way out somehow 🙂

    I used to have problems with my eyes back in the days of the “salon eyelash extension”, especially due to the glue and the chemicals of it as my eyes could get irritated randomly etc. But since I changed to this wig glue, I haven’t got not even one irritation! It has worked wonders for me, really!

    I’m also happy that I can clearly see I have healthier eyelashes now than before. Although it “should be” the way you are explaining it, but honestly, in my case it’s not!!

    I might be an exception lucky case and it doesn’t work this great for everyone, but I’m just happy Ive discovered this beauty hack! 🙂

    • I have had eyelash extensions for about 6 months ..I go regularly every 2 weeks ..the cost is 30.00 each time..we live on the lake and they say they are waterproof. .the last time I went lota of mine were gone and my real eyelashes looked stubs. .i went to the same girl and was shocked when I went to the counter to pay and was charged 99.00.. I could understand if I didnt go on a regular basis but I think that was extreme..when I questioned why it was so much more they said maybe she had to add extra lashes…but she didnt charge for a full set??? Im very aggravated and im willing to start doing my own..even professionally done mine would only last 2 weeks..

    • Ingrid Christensen on

      I just wanted to say your response to so many of these “strong” and “friendly” oppositions was very polite and classy. I think your eyelashes look beautiful, as well as your manners. Excellent rebuttal. Cheers doll.

  8. I highly doubt you are an exception to the laws of nature nor are you an exception to how the human body functions. You are using hair glue on your lash line. This is a horrific post. I implore you to have your “individual extensions” removed by a professional in a salon and your natural lashes photographed. Prove to us that your method is not damaging. Post pictures of before and after your removal. I would love to see. I would love for YOU to see. This is no “beauty hack” this is BAD diy advice.

    • Your exactly right. Theres no way her lashes are not damaged expecially if shes doing this regularly. I know because I did the same method. I looked like kermit the frog after I removed my lashes. It took about 3 months for them to even start to look half way decent. Another weird thing is your pictures do not look as if you actually used the clusters. Looks like you used single lashes. There’s a very big difference in the appearance if the two. You must be a exception for eyelashes altogether. Be careful ladies dont end up with bald lids listening to the “exception”

  9. Yes, a true pic of your lashes sans clusters with hair glue on them would be nice to see if you are going to promote this to impressionable readers. There is no way that they healthier and in fact you are probably risking an eye infection as with not cleaning them and putting more shadow over your powder, you are clogging your hair follicles and increasing the natural lash mites that exist already. Please google lash mites and see what is hiding under that mess.

    • You must be joking re the mites! I say that not because I am disgusted, but because here is the thing — we all have them, and they would not INCREASE they decrease as they cannot survive. This is why oil tends to improve lash and eyebrow growth, as it literally drowns the mites who live and thrive in our hair follicles. Sorry but you sound as if you are trying to upset the original poster. The fact is they would be LESS likely to survive if the follicle is clogged. This is a scientific fact. Moreover, after carefully researching eyelash extensions in salons, which by the way I also think sound wonderful and might do someday, apparently there are just as many problems with growth once the extensions are removed, to the extent that it is quite easy to google all of the possible problems that occur. If someone has eyelash growth problems I say neither of these is a good idea. If someone tends to have decent growth either is a good idea depending on money and time. Then of course there is also careprost or lumigan for stimulating growth. I like the idea of doing it myself except I suck at such things, so I guess it’s a reputable salon for me.

  10. I have been getting my lashes done professionally for 4 years and after I read this blog I decided to give this a shot. Trust me, I know lashes, I know what my lashes can handle etc and after years of experimenting with different lash techs I know my stuff. I got a different glue brand but it’s basically the same stuff. I got clusters but I cut them in half so they are lighter and my lashes can handle them. It’s been 2 months now and I am so freaking happy I decided to do this despite the negative comments. My real lashes are still fine and I’m saving so much money! I honestly think it’s the glue, it’s not as harsh as what the professionals use but it’s also not as long lasting but pffft I fill what falls off no problem, free of charge duhh. I’m Asian so my lashes aren’t thick and lush and this method still works so I’m pretty sure if it works for me and my friend who I recommended this to, it’ll work for most. Give it a shot, the total I spent on the glue and lashes were only $12 anyway and I haven’t had to get anymore materials yet, it’s been 2 months.

  11. Sounds like some people just want us to spend alot of $$$ on proffesional services? Thats great if you have the $$$ ? I do not, and appreciate the great DIY advice. Luv it , gonna try it!!! THANKS !!!!

  12. I tried this out, with the exact glue, and was so excited for fuller, long-lasting lashes but it didn’t work at all. My temporary glue, from the drugstore, actually worked better (but still only lasts two or three days).

    • Hi, Sorry to hear! Are you using a sufficient amount of glue? Are you letting the glue dry for a second before application so it becomes perfectly sticky? Not sure what else it can be as for me it works much better than drugstore glue, but it can of course be an individual matter.

      • Please, help! Can You recommend a glue, which is hipoallergic? And is this glue ok for sensitive skin? Thank you!

    • I found out that the duo brush on glue is super strong and last very long. It’s comes out an electric blue and dries clear. Actually clear not the ugly clear the regular duo clear dries like.

  13. Do you also do the bottom lashes? I went to a salon and had the individual ones done. She glued my eyes shut and had to cut them open cutting off my bottom lashes. I had no idea because there was so much glue and she hadn’t removed my mascara on the bottom lashes. It was just a HOT MESS!!!! I was out of town when I had it done so I couldn’t go back and get my money back…long story. But anyway, i went to Sally’s and got the ardell lashes and the glue and redid my top lashes. I am fairly happy with them but think there has to be a better glue. I also tried the duo glue and that was horrible!! I just need to figure out what i can do about the bottoms until they grow back, especially since it is the holiday season and lots of parties to attend!!!

  14. Licensed Pro on

    This post is probably the worst advice I have ever heard. I’m a licensed Esthetician and certified lash technician.
    hair glue.. On your eyes?! What are you nuts??
    No x a million to this post! Seek out a professional for eye lash extensions. This isn’t a “beauty hack” this is just bad advice. There’s no way that this girls lashes have no damage.. With the growth cycle of her lashes, im sure she’s pulling tons out with that wig glue!
    Don’t put hair glue near your eyes!
    Don’t use heavy cluster lashes!
    No no no no!
    Poster, people can hold you personally liable for your advice if something was to go wrong!

    • Yes, am also licensed and I think this awful! It gives us a bad name and not to mention super damaging to the natural lash. Someone not licensed isn’t well versed on how to properly isolate and attach lashes to their lash. Also the amount of adhesive used is critical in lash extensions!

  15. I do my own individual lash extensions…just like in the youtube link posted above. Except, I use a different type of tweezer and I prefer long nails to separate between the lashes since I have more lashes than the lady in the video does. I use that same glue and I purchased my lashes and glue from amazon with free shipping. I purchased two Vetus brand tweezers from ebay. I also have a magnified mirror that I purchased from Ross. I have very deep set eyes and use D curl 14/15/16mm length. I’ve been doing this for a year now and love it. I won’t ever go back to the Salon because results are just not consistent and when they are, the prices are crazy. The only downside for me is that the sensitive glue does not last very long (two weeks maybe) but it looks great nonetheless and I’ve saved hundreds of dollars.

  16. Thanks, JETSETBABE. Thanks, Pros. I think it really depends person to person and there are different factors that come into play here i.e. products, practice, hygiene, individual-bodily quirks. Nothing great comes without thought and effort.

  17. No surprise that the “professionals” are so critical of your hack. Where will they be when the word gets out that eyelash extensions can easily be done at home, saving huge amounts of money, as well as time. At salons, eyelash extensions are the most overpriced of all services. Especially considering that “certification” is typically a one-day workshop given by an eyelash company (a lot of which is marketing their eyelashes). It’s not rocket science, ladies!

    Jetsetbabe, you’re probably more knowledgeable and experienced than many of the “certified experts.” The beautiful results you achieve attests to that. Ignore the criticism and ridiculous challenges, they’re are all about the MONEY!

    So carry on, please. And thank you!

    • I’m sorry but this post is extremely offensive, considering I am a lash artist! In order to get my certification I actually had to pass a practical test and be a licensed esthetician first. The reason why you are paying for the service is for the knowledge and time spent carefully and properly placing lashes. (My full sets take 2 hours)!! My FIRST priority is maintaining the health of the NATURAL LASH and Bernini certified and in the industry for awhile I know what it takes to do that. When a lash is too heavy, long, not properly attached, on more than one lash due to lack of isolation, glued on to the lid, or too much glue is used it WILL damage the natural lashes causes them to break! You can then say goodbye to lash extensions, since lashes can only be applied where someone has lashes themselves, unless you want further damage! I have seen countless of clients that either tried to do them theirselves or went to a place that is cheap, that I had to spend hours on removing since the adhesive remover couldn’t break down the excessive adhesive removed, only to find that their natural lashes were either all together gone or serious breakage! The scary thing is the only way to tell if damage is permanent is to wait to see if they grow! So while you say we are only about the money, I would like to defend my work and the work of other properly trained lash artists! I quite honestly do not care how much someone charges as long as they are done PROPERLY!!!

  18. I have been a lash artist for years and am certified in classic and volume lashes. This technique of doing them yourself is quite damaging to your natural lashes and could cause breakage in your lashes. Also using hair bonding glue instead of actual lash extension girl isn’t the best thing to use on your eyes. This is what gives us lash techs a bad name

    • Just stop. Youre all the same people. No one cares. Go strip like all the other lazy girls looking for quick big money.

  19. These “pros” are money hungry self entitled morons. Your post is great. Ignore all these douchey pricks. “Pro” lash extentions cost way more than they should because of these snoody asshats. Two hours shouldnt be nearly $200-$300 dollars. They arent working construction on a house or doing jack squat that should equate to that amount of money. The meterials alone dont cost almost anything for them. So overprised. Its not a skilled trade everyone needs, its fricken gluing.

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