How To Become More Beautiful in 2018

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Beauty New Years Resolutions. Yes, why not?
It’s great to work on our inner self, spiritual self and well-being. Healthy eating and training are already given. But what about Beauty? A nice body will take you far, fashion too, but what about the details that can make or break your entire look?

Stepping up a notch in the beauty department should therefore also be part of your transformative resolutions. There is always room for improvement!

Here are 5 resolutions from where we can get inspiration:

1. Improve our eyebrows

The solution for perfect brow does not lay in how you can paint them on your face. 3D make up brows á la Instagram style are not that classy because they end up looking too much (the exception would be for people who are dark, who can freely use makeup to define their eyebrows as it looks less dramatic on their skin).

The brow target for this year should lay in getting beautiful eyebrows that look perfected without the need of adding any makeup to them!

And the strategy? Careful grooming, coloring, threading and microblading/tattoo if necessary. Preferably in consultation with a professional if budget approves. Otherwise, I still believe you can create miracles in your spa at home, if you’re careful, have good taste and stay attentive to the details. Perhaps watch some tutorials online too if unsure.

2. Embrace natural eyelashes

I have not taken a break from my eyelash extensions for years, and I know other abusers of extensions and fake lashes because there are many of us! It’s so easy to get hooked on the full, glamorous look they give you; it’s impossible to quit – or even take a break. That’s the case for me! I don’t even remember how my natural eyes look like. I fear that I would look “pale” if I don’t add lash extensions to my eyes.

But I see more and more JetsetBabes who go for au natural eyes, and it looks so good!

Long eyelashes may be a stereotype of what’s beautiful on a woman, but I think it’s important to embrace what nature has already given us. Oftentimes, it looks just as good, but it will require polishing eyebrows and skin up to complete the look.

3. Learn some new makeup techniques

Not everything has to be plain and natural in the world of classy. Makeup is fun when it’s kept on a tasteful level, and for evenings it’s exciting to experiment with different looks. But it’s hard to do so unless you’re a beauty blogger or a pro. Us ordinary Jane’s have a routine or two we do over and over again, with a change of lipstick color when we want to spice it up a bit. Boring, huh?

The truth is, it’s hard to give yourself a new look when you don’t know how to apply it or where to start.

For that reason, watching some Youtube videos on this topic or get help from a pro, will be on my resolution list! I need to experiment a bit with my eye makeup, as last time I learned some new tricks was 10 years ago! That’s a bit much, and times are changing! But today we’re spoiled by having everything we need to know, available to us online. The only investment required is a little bit of time and clicks on Youtube. The rest is up to practice!

4. Get better hair

Did you know that depending on what type of hair you have, you should use a brush correctly for your hair type? I never knew my fine hair should have a very soft and gentle brush in order not to break the strands. But there are so many things to think about if you’re out to get healthy and shiny hair!

For instance, daily brushing (especially on wet hair) is one of the most damaging things, so it should always be done with delicate movements and softer brushes.

Also, cutting down on coloring, blow dries, and hairstyling methods using heat should also be included on your resolution list If you want to make your hair stronger and of better quality in 2018.

It’s worth starting to take responsibility for the hair that is growing out of your scalp today, as that hair will be with you for many years ahead. Don’t add too much stress to it, protect it from anything that may hurt it so it will stay in great shape as long as possible. Perfect hair is hair that has been well-taken care of for years, so if you start now, your future self will have loads to thank for!

5. Get flawless skin

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We’re not getting any younger and the time is NOW to think of the future of your skin.

Luckily, dramatic improvements can happen if you take responsibility for the core basics. Sleep and food are what your skin thrive off. Water too, but if you eat enough fruit and vegetables and less salt, you won’t need to add much water to your diet. When you live a stress-free healthy lifestyle, you give a chance for the skin cells to regenerate optimally. People who adopt a plant-based diet, see dramatic results in their skin. They look younger! Why so? Open a biology book, and the answers will be there.

We prefer to invest loads of money on treatments and creams that we’re not even sure works, but we ignore the pure basics.

We ignore everything that has got a direct connection to our skin and rejuvenating it. We think targeting it from outside will work better than curing the root of the problem from the inside. The irony in this is that the treatments/creams won’t do the job, but the basics will!

This year we must become healthier! I will post more and more about healthy living because it’s so connected to our beauty and well-being! You can’t be a JetsetBabe if you live life like a slob! It’s not classy, and it won’t put you in your best shape.


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Beauty is what us females got blessed with, and there is so much we can do with it.
No matter how you look, what features you have, anyone becomes beautiful when they take care of what they’ve got. Anyone can improve their looks, with good taste and right decisions, the question is how many of us go all the way with our efforts?

Transformation is around the corner if you want; 2018 will be all about becoming the best versions of ourselves, inside out!



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  1. Great post. I especially love the natural eyelashes look… I got in to the habit of never leaving the house without a pair of falsies on over the last year and my makeup is always on the heavier side. But recently, I’ve gotten kind of sick of it and want to wear more natural/barefaced looks everyday. It’s difficult to know where to start though… maybe by ditching the falsies 🙂

    I’d love to read a post analysing the jetset babes makeup habits/routines!

    Happy new year Anna! 🎉

  2. Great post! I am totally jumping in the hair wagon, even though I can’t give up hair dye I have got very strict with the rest (products I use, no heat, special brush,…), I started a few months ago so I guess it’s too early to see dramatic results but I can’t wait to see how it goes!

  3. Love the natural eyelashes look! It gives a very fresh appearance and makes one look younger,and also allows to be much more playful with the rest of make-up (highlighter,blusher/bronzer,lipstick) without looking too dolled-up during daytime.

  4. I’ve tried false eyelashes once and thought i looked ridiculous! I am a big fan of eyelash lenghening serums like revitalash or revitacils (by vitry, cheaper but just as effective), which give a nice natural lengh. Could you one day do a post on different ways to beautify with cosmetic procedures? Like PRP, mesotherapy, peels ect? I’d be interested in knowing whats out there and what works. Thanks!

  5. I used to be a mascara fanatic. The truth is wearing mascara everyday and also fake lashes all the time can be very damaging and can easily make your lashes thin and fall out. When I started using castor oil, my lashes almost instantly started becoming thicker, fuller, and longer. I kept up with using castor oil on my lashes for a few months every night before bed…

    After that, my lashes were in the BEST condition you could imagine. In the mornings, all I had to do was curl my lashes and they were thick and long without any makeup. Wearing them natural was like a dream come true to not have to put mascara or fake lashes on at all and get the same results!

    Here’s my tip: Vaseline comes in a very small pot that can be used as lip balm. I use that small vaseline pot and mix in castor oil then stir them together until I have a paste. I do this because oil alone is very thin and dripping and can be messy on your lashes alone so mixing with vaseline gives you a thicker paste that is easier to apply with the benefits of castor oil.

    Every night before bed use a spooly, q-tip, or even your fingertips and apply all over your lashes. Rinse it off in the morning in the shower or when you wash your face. Be consistent and you will learn to absolutely LOVE your natural lashes!

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