How to be respected by men

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How to be respected

How to be respected by men

Many women feel often that men don’t respect them, they sometimes feel used or the man simply doesn’t care about them. God knows how many times me or my girlfriends been running in to this issue, but it’s too common unfortunately. For instance guys that promise they will call you but never do, selfish acts, rudeness or anything that makes you feel disrespected.

Why does this happen?

I don’t want to sound like I’m defending men right now, because it’s really not the case. There are loads of jerks in this world, either it’s men or women – we will never escape that fact. But there is only one reason to why you feel disrespected by someone and that will always be your own fault. Do I sound harsh now? Welcome to reality.

How to be respected


  • You will get disrespected if you allow other people to disrespect you.
  • If you respect yourself 100% others will respect you too.
  • People will treat you the way you portrait yourself.

Please remember these 3 lines above, they are very important to acknowledge. The answer this question is in reality very simple. Drop the nagging “men are jerks” or “he is a douche” bla bla bla – you’re just wasting your time. Use that time to work on your own self esteem and self respect instead, don’t waste your energy on other people when you can invest this energy in yourself.

How to be respected

You will notice that when that day comes when you’re truly sending out confident signals with love towards yourself and a great aura of self respect –  subconsciously guys will treat you according to it. 

Follow my advice please;

  • Step number one is to work on your own self respect. Add self confidence and self esteem to it and you will become un touchable.
  • When you will have these three above, you will never allow anyone to treat you with disrespect.
  • You’ll show them that by always treating yourself with respect.
  • There are no exceptions. There are never any valid excuses for other peoples bad behavior. The number one Golden rule is; If anyone tries or does disrespect you (don’t let it ever happen more than once!) – Walk away immediately! Never tolerate it because that’s how you show people that you respect yourself 100%. And that’s how you gain respect from others. Be hard when other people play hard.



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