How To Be A Lady by Candice Simpson-Giles

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How To Be A Lady by Candice Simpson-Giles

Hi ladies, I want to do a little bit of a book review with you today. I will keep this short and simple.

We all know how important manners are, but they are especially important when it comes to living an affluent lifestyle. The Facebook group has many discussions flowing, the importance of how to be a lady is one topic that I would like to dust off and shine some light on. Especially since courses for the School of Affluence will be starting soon, I think this will only help you when entering into the affluent lifestyle.

How To Be A Lady

Being a modern lady is all about how we choose to carry ourselves, whether your entertaining, going to the theatre, on a date, or at work. The choices we make become a part of our signature, and influence how people remember us.

In this lifestyle impressions are everything, and as ruthless as it may seem you only get one shot. Therefore, it’s important to get it right.

How To Be A Lady

The book How to Be A Lady by Candice Simpson-Giles,

has managed to outline different scenarios, in which a woman is able to handle herself in a manner where she is able to assert herself when necessary, be considerate of those around her and carry herself in a feminine manner. Although, everyone has a different definition what it means to be feminine and a lady, I think that most of you will agree with the author’s views on what it means to be a lady in a modern world.

Some of these rules you may already know, others you might have not had a clue. You can find the book online at Brooks

How To Be A LadyHow To Be A Lady







How To Be A LadyHow To Be A Lady

If the book How to Be A Lady peaks your interest, you may want to check out the rest of the collection that can also be found on the Brooks Brothers website.

For parents of young girls, you might enjoy How to Raise A Lady by Kay West. If you are often at a loss for words take a look at A Lady Would Say by Sheryl Shade. Personally, I don’t think any of us could go wrong with How to Be A Lady, and 50 Things Every Lady Should Know by Kay west, John Bridges, and Bryan Curtis .

These books would be a great addition in your own library. In my opinion, I think it will only help those of you who are leveling up. The holidays will be here before you know it and these books would make for a wonderful and thoughtful present. Below I have added the links to some of the books that are part of the series.

As always ladies don’t forget to send a request to join the private and exclusive JetsetBabe Facebook Group and sign up with the School of Affluence to find out more about Anna Bey’s coaching program.



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  1. What if i have no facebook or instagram account? I must create it just to be able see the live streams and participate in forums?

    Why can do live streams here on this website? Why should be closed group on other platforms?

    As well im sad i didnt get to buy your book cause got distracted with things in my life.

    So sad you took it down. I have been waiting this book to come out for years!

    Is there chance to buy this book for some limited time? ( im having a baby and again pregnant so intensive studies in school must wait but once in a while can read a book like i do check ur blog every day hoping for new post) 🙂

    I so like your view of things 🙂

  2. This article is so different from your personal, sweet and interesting style, Ana. Noone can substitute you. Kayla, girl, you should try A LOT harder. I wouldn`t even call that “an article”. Besides I don`t know you, so your opinions about books means nothing to me. The one I identify with is Ana, I feel we share so much views over life, we have similar spirituality and if she told me she admires a book – well that would be another thing cause she has engaged us over the years. Also the only thing I understood about these books is the titles. Not even if they can be find in paper. And def. nothing about the content and what kind of focus they addopt.

    • And hence the reason some need reminders on supporting other women. A crass, mean spirited approached rooted in comparison and lacking a better possible approach is never helpful nor uplifting. It merely throw a clarifying light on the criticizing.
      Kayla, thanks for the suggested reads. As many of us have so little time, it might be helpful to flesh out some key points and scenarios which we can apply right away. I woukd be interested in what spoke to you the most amd any added recommendations which may not appear in the books but from your own levelling up experience. Cheers doll, looking forward to your other posts.

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