How to be a Jetsetter

When you hear the word “jetsetter,” do you think of a social star who hops on private jets and takes off to glamorous destinations around the globe? While that may seem to be the case, there is no reason why you cannot become a luxe world-traveler yourself! You can explore exotic locations like a seasoned professional by following just a few tips from someone who already leads a jetsetter lifestyle.

What is a Jetsetter?

what is a jetsetter

By definition, a jetsetter is a person in high society who travels regularly and leads a seemingly affluent lifestyle. If you are wondering how to become a jetsetter, then you only need to follow a handful of simple guidelines to begin your next adventure! Before you know it, you will have the opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, and look chic while doing it! The first step of leading a jetsetter life is learning how to look the part.

Dress to impress! There is nothing more disappointing than seeing a gorgeous girl show up to the airport in a sloppy bun, smeared makeup, and wrinkled sweatpants. If you hope to be seen as a first class passenger, invest in an airport wardrobe that shows off your elegance and sophistication. No, you do not have to wear stilettos and your finest evening gown; but you can certainly choose pieces that embody your personal style in a way that will ensure you appear classy and refined. While being cozy on the plane may be one of your top priorities, you do not have to sacrifice fashion for comfort! Purchase loose-fitting dresses made from quality materials, a trendy jumpsuit, or any stylish outfit with breathable fabrics. Opt for solid colors and avoid graphic tees, ripped denim, or flip flops. As for shoes, practical flats or boots are highly recommended.

Additionally, you can master how to be a jetsetter by owning the proper luggage and travel materials for your next trip. While it may be tempting to throw your beachwear into a reusable shopping bag, this choice is a major fashion faux that will certainly not get you on your flight’s upgrade list. Make the right decision (and be the classiest woman in the airport), by purchasing a piece of luxury luggage in which its high quality will last you through a lifetime of travel.

Jetsetter Life

jetsetter lifestyle

A true jetsetter looks fresh and polished once they have arrived at their destination. Do you ever feel groggy and disheveled when walking off of an airplane? Flights, especially those that are transcontinental, can heavily impact your body due to elevation levels that accelerate dehydration. A professional jet setter knows the importance of drinking water and keeping the face moisturized while in the air. Put together a travel-size bag that contains a hydrating lip balm, lotion, cleansing wipes, comb, and light makeup.

Whether you are on a private jet or flying coach, you can look the part of an experienced jetsetter by heeding this advice. Take a peek at my “How to Look Expensive” Cheat Sheet for a detailed list of style secrets that will leave you looking fabulous on your next adventure.