How To Always Stay Motivated To Improve Yourself

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My main goal with is to help women do a personal makeover and upgrade their lives. I’m very passionate about this topic because I’ve done this transformation myself – numerous times – and always benefitted from it.

One difficult aspect of the journey towards becoming, The Best You, is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Small changes, yes maybe, but big changes take time! For anyone to recieve such significant improvements, the person must practice patience. Unfortunately, it’s one of the hardest things to master in my opinion.

During the time you practice patience your motivation gets tested multiple times. It’s almost like it’s asking you “How badly do you want this?” “If you want it badly enough then you’ll wait and keep your motivation strong. If you don’t want it that badly, you are welcome to give up now and throw in your towel.”

Self-discipline is what will deliver the results to you. The more you master it, the faster you will receive your payout. But self-discipline means life will not be as pleasant as you’re used for it to be. You will have to resist temptations and instant gratification. You will have to say no to things you usually say yes to. And you will feel discomfort on many occasions, but you have to get used to them, “get comfortable with the uncomfortable.”

If you withstand the temptations of feeling pleasure (aka instant gratification), then you are preparing your life to receive a reward that is bigger and better than the one you have now. The problem in humans is that we don’t have patience and our instincts are too focused on the “now” and not so much about the future. Willpower is the only thing strong enough to conquer this instinct, the question is, how strong is YOUR willpower?

I believe willpower is a result of motivation. If you feel truly motivated, your willpower grows strong. If you’re not motivated, then Excuses take over the show instead, and willpower weakens.

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So how can a Plain Jane stay motivated to transform herself to become a JetsetBabe (as an example)?
There will be times she will feel bored. Times when she is lazy. Times when things are not going well, and the journey feels too difficult. Also, she might lose focus and become busy with other things in her life, forgetting about the path she is trying to walk.

What she really wants is to become the best version of herself, to take her life to the next level and live like a jet-setter. She knows it’s possible because she see’s others do it, but sometimes she’s got doubts and start questioning it all, “Perhaps it’s not meant to be for me…”

Whenever we are trying to achieve our goals, the journey always comes with moments of darkness and discomfort. It’s nearly impossible to stay motivated the entire time.
You see some superpower people, being flawless in their execution of goals, extremely focused and dedicated of making it happen (I’m sure you’ve met some of these types) – but even they hit the wall at times!

We all have moments when we feel lazy and not motivated. Or we feel uninspired and stuck. There are many distinct sensations that we may experience when the motivational spark is not burning strong. But how can we get out of it?

How can we feel motivated to take care of ourselves, to work on our personal goals and take our lives to the next level?

► By reconnecting with what originally made you motivated.

► By remembering why you are doing what you’re doing?

► By getting your excitement back of your reward so that it can trigger your spark to start burning strongly again.

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One important thing to remember. What is right now, is only temporary. If you feel like eating a burger when you’re on a diet, you must remember that it’s only a temporary feeling of lust. When you feel too lazy to do anything, you must remember that it’s only a temporary feeling of not wanting to feel discomfort. All of it will pass, and if you act with your patience by not giving in to these sensations, you will see them leave and make room for your motivation to come in.

These unwanted guests that we don’t like, may come knocking on your door, but they will give up and leave after a while. You don’t need to open the door. You just keep it closed and let your friends “motivation” “willpower” and “patience” to come in instead.

Now I know one thing is the theory, and another one is practice. But you need to practice your self-discipline muscle to grow stronger and more efficient. What I try and focus on when my motivation is lacking, is trying to snap out of it. I know it’s only a temporary sensation, a sensation that does me nothing but harm! It cripples me to do nothing, and to make it disappear; I need to shift my energy to something else and change focus.

For that reason, I find it useful trying to reconnect with the energies of the goal, the result and the reason to why I do what I do. Sometimes you need to do something that will help you shift the energy physically. Maybe you need to look at an image that will bring out feelings in you, or hear someone talk that will change your mood, or do a physical activity that will neutralize your negative state… and so on.

There are many energy shifting physical methods to use, depending on what your goal is about and where you get stuck. A good idea would be to create a “toolbox” with methods for yourself that you know are effective to shift your energy and spark up your motivation again. Keep these methods handy in your mind.

I guess to summarize this all; if you want something badly enough, you will find a way to get it done. If you’re completely sick and tired of your old self and the self-sabotaging old patterns of yours, then there is a chance for you to make it. But action is required, and it won’t happen on it’s own. So my question is, will you take charge of your future?

JetsetBabe will use this blog ( and Youtube as main platforms to help women to become better and classier version of themselves. I’m here to empower you, share motivational content, and all the practical “how to’s,” for you to succeed on your journey of self-transformation.
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  1. I love this post. I am able to stay motivated in MOST of the things that I do, professional wise. Where I lack is my diet. But I am working on it though. Great post.

    • I find diet to be the hardest too, simply because most of us are food addicts (we are addicted to the sugar, salt, spieces). That’s why I’m trying to do as much RAW food as possible right now to break my addiction. It helps, but it takes time..

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