How Promoters Provide Women For Rich Men

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You may have heard the term “promoter” been frequently used in the jet-set world. There are many variations to this term that we will uncover. Same goes for understanding who they are and what’s their actual function.

There are many types of “promoters” and they may also have different types of names.

“Luxury concierge”

You have some luxury concierge services that act as promoters (but instead use the word for the same thing, as luxury concierge sounds a little bit better). Usually, rich people hire luxury concierge for their travel or nights out to help them organize various bookings (restaurants, night-clubs) and get them girls to join them for the party. (This is not always set in stone. You have some luxury concierge services that don’t offer women as an additional service, but many do and some even advertise about it)


You also have the word “scout” that is usually a person working remotely, finding and advertising for girls who want to travel to worldwide destinations do something called “image work” (in this case it’s very unclear whether image work equals sex work or not. Some claim there is no sex involved, that women only are paid for their presence and to party with their hosts – but this is still unsure and has to be taken with a pinch of salt.)

Scouts like to use the term “models”, so an example of an add from a scout would be “looking for models for a trip to XXXX”.

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“Image work” or “Image girls”

You also have luxury concierge advertising for image work or regular promoters using the term “image work” which is good to be aware of. In some cases, it may be 100% innocent and legit, but in many cases, it’s just a code word for escorting. I’ve had girls tell me about both types of image work (the innocent and not-so-innocent) so it’s impossible to say for sure whether this phrase equals transactional sex or not.

“Nightclub promoter”

A night-club promoter is perhaps the more innocent one on this list, as their only task is to get beautiful girls inside a nightclub and stay around a table (that they later will sell to some rich client, ready prepped with beautiful girls partying with them.) In most cases, there is nothing dodgy with joining a club promoters table on a night out. The benefit for you is to have drinks paid all night, a chance to meet likeminded girls and rich men.

To summarize:

People in the jet-set world tend to group all of these terms together under one word “promoter”. To summarize, their job is to bring girls to wealthy men on their travel or nights out.

Rich men (and especially the mega-rich) don’t always have the time to find women themselves, or some might be married and want some low-key fun when they go out. Promoters therefor serve a purpose for the very rich, to do the dog work getting them girls together.


What do the JetsetBabes get out of it?

Club promoters are great if you’re new in a city and have nobody to go out with at night. You will join a club promoter on his table and meet likeminded girls (with whom you exchange details and like that start building up your friends-database).

You can get free trips to beautiful locations, stay in amazing villas, mega-yachts and meet very wealthy men. All expenses paid. In some cases, you can even get additional money for the trip, but please bear in mind; I don’t know if it’s expected anything from the girl or not. That’s something that must be cleared prior.

Promoters tend to have a big network of rich clients. Meaning, if you become good friends with the promoter and you help him out, he will introduce you to his rich clients, take you to private parties and keep you on top of mind whenever he needs girls for various parties/travel. How to become this “good friend” of a promoter, is to look amazing, be fun and “the perfect image girl”. He will like you extra much if you get him additional clients, if clients speak highly of you and if you’re not someone who causes drama or keeps coming late.

Please note, a “promoter” might not necessarily have to be a man, there are many female promoters out there too. Plus not all of them have anything to do with “funny business”. It’s just something you’ll have to figure out yourself, who’s who and how innocent people are.


How to find a promoter?

A club promoter can be easily found online. They are always on Facebook and Instagram looking for girls. If you live in a big city, you might get messages from them. Alternatively, you can just search for these type of keywords and your location and you’ll be able to find someone.
Same goes for scouts and luxury concierge.

Word of mouth is another common way, same goes for introductions. If you have a friend who is already jet-setting and might be in touch with promoters, you can always ask her for a referral. It doesn’t cost her anything, on the other side, she will get company from a female friend on the next event instead of going alone.

Generally speaking, if you’re a girl who goes out a lot at night, you will be running into promoters and you will meet them naturally. At least that’s how it is in the big cities and if you go to all the hot spots: It’s hard not to meet these guys! They are usually very social and if you’re a pretty face – it’s just a matter of time before they’ll approach you.

Once you’ve found them, you’ll be most likely added to their WhatsApp group where they will send out notifications every time there is an outing or a “job” happening.


Nights out vs Travel with a promoter

Nights out with a promoter tend to be more in line with dinner + nightclub (or just nightclub) – either to attract people to the restaurant/club or to join a table of a client of the promoter. Majority of times, nothing is expected from the girl beside looking good and being good company.

If you’re joining a trip with a promoter that’s usually when the situation varies. Some trips can have everything paid for on location, but you need to pay for your own flights. Some trips have everything paid including the flights. Some trips have got everything paid and you also get additional money for the trip.
It’s difficult for me to say exactly what the differences are between these trips, sometimes it’s just bound to the generosity of the client looking for girls for this trip.

But sometimes, when you get additional money it can be because “more than just company” is being expected from you (intimacy). For this reason, I think it’s very important girls are aware before joining a promoter for any trips, knowing, what do they get out of it and what’s expected of them.

Don’t be shy being straight-forward and asking the promoter all the questions you want to know. It’s also very good to know who their client is before accepting such trip. You want to practice safety first and make sure you’re not going away somewhere where you’ll end up disappointed and only wasting your time. (Or end up in a situation when they’re expecting something of you, and you were not aware of it!)

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The down-side of promoters

It’s common that girls use promoters in the beginning in their jet-setting journey. I think when you’re starting out or in your 20’s, then using a promoter for free nights out or free trips, can be a strategy until you have a better network to use when you become more advanced. I wouldn’t recommend getting involved in the shady side-business of promoters though. You can be with promoters without ever have to go that far, so it’s fully possible. I must say however that regardless of all that shadiness, promoters won’t offer you the most elegant way of jet-setting.

It’s not a very serious atmosphere. The rich men you’ll meet might won’t be boyfriend material and they might not look at you seriously either as you’re just a girl the promoter introduced you to from his stall of girls.

I think if you’re looking to meet a sponsor, or men just for fun, then using a promoter to get introductions might be an option. A promoter is good if you’re not looking for a serious boyfriend, but instead want to party, travel and meet likeminded girls – you’ll get all this for sure!

But girls looking for something more serious, who have a different agenda should think about with whom they’re seen and if being seen with a promoter will do their reputation justice. Like I said, it can be fine when you’re just starting out and still anonymous in the elite community, but once you’re getting established, you want to think about how you market yourself. Promoters don’t always have the best reputation, and a serious man might not take you seriously if you’re circle of friends are party people and promoters.. Just something to think about…

Disclaimer: None of the people in these images have anything to do with the text. It’s just for illustrative purposes showcasing beautiful JetsetBabes.



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