Thursday, December 12

How Law Of Attraction Changed My Life

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New video on my Youtube Channel! I’m doing a mini-series on Law of Attraction and my experience of it. It has been one of the most requested topics for me to talk about, so I decided to split it up in several pieces to really cover as much as possible.

This first episode is me talking about what an impact it has had in my life and some examples of things that have manifested for me. It’s worth watching for anyone out there who need some inspiration and maybe a kick in the butt to take the Law of Attraction practice more seriously.

One thing that it’s important to take away from this video, is the fact that Law of Attraction only works if you combine it with action. Taking action will of course create things to happen in your life, but if you charge your action taking with Law of Attraction, it becomes the perfect recipe for success. I’m not joking. The chances and probability for having the desired outcome is much higher if you add Law of Attraction to your life, than without. So it’s definitely an area worth exploring if you’re in the process of leveling up and creating a lifestyle transformation.

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