Hotel De Paris Monaco

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Hotel de Paris


Hotel de Paris was built in 1864 and located in the beautiful harbor of Monaco, right next to the famous casino and opera house.

Today, it’s one of the most prestigious and elegant hotels around the world. This hotel is probably one of the most visited by elegant ladies and members of high society.

On a weekly basis, I see pictures of elegant ladies posing on the same spots inside or outside the hotel. I can understand why, as the hotel is simply gorgeous!

hotel de paris in monacoelegant lady standing next to hotel de paris

The hotel is all about elegance, with its 182 rooms decorated in a luxurious nineteenth century style. Think printed fabrics on walls, marble floors and decorations as well as antique furniture.

For those who haven’t been to Monaco, I can tell you it’s tiny! But the location is great, being in between France and Italy. Hotel de Paris has the best view over both countries as it’s on the hill of Place du Casino.

How do you get into the Hotel de Paris?


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The famous way to travel from the french riviera to Monaco is by helicopter.

For example, when the film festival in Cannes ends and the Grand Prix weekend in Monaco starts, most jet-setters take the 10 minute helicopter ride from Cannes to Monaco. Even those arriving in Nice airport prefer the helicopter journey.

Hotel de Paris – Rooms


room with nice view in hotel de paris monacobathroom in hotel de paris

one room in hotel de paris

a room in hotel de paris in monacoview of monaco from hotel de paris

All rooms are uniquely decorated and divided into four price groups.

Starting from the cheapest, there are “rooms”, “junior suites”, “suites” and “diamond suites”. My favorite is the blue decorated exclusive room with a sea view (picture above) – totally my taste in terms of decor! It’s very sophisticated and elegant. The diamond suite “Charles Garnier” (picture below) is not too bad either.

hotel de paris monaco more roomshotel de paris monaco roomsrooms and characteristics of hotel de paris

rooms of hotel de paris monaco

Inside Hotel de Paris


The famous lobby and center piece EVERY elegant lady takes pictures with:

entrance of hotel de paris

woman next to flowers in hotel de paris

hotel de paris monaco lobby

lobby of hotel de paris monacoelegant woman standing in hotel de paris monaco

3 Restaurants & 1 Bar


• Restaurant Louis XV is the flagship restaurant by the world famous chef Alain Ducasse. It opened in 1987 and is a 3 star Michelin restaurant being the winner of many prestigious awards. The price of a lunch dish starts from €149 and an evening dish starts from €249.

restaurant in hotel de paris


• Le Grill is a mediterranean style gourmet restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. During summer they remove the rooftop, giving guests the opportunity to enjoy their lobster or foie gras under the bare sky, overlooking the mediterranean sea. Lunch here is slightly cheaper than in Louis XV, starting from €75 per dish, and in the evening the menu ranges from €130-€150.

le grill restaurant in hotel de paris

• Le Côté Jardin is the smaller restaurant located outside in the hotel park. Prices starting from €55.

cote jardin restaurant in hotel de paris monaco

• Le Bar Américain is the hotel bar that makes you feel like you’re in a movie. They play jazz music in the evening and serve drinks and snacks.

american bar in hotel de paris monaco

Important events in Monaco


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lady posing next to hotel de paris monaco

March: The Bal de la Rose

April: “Rolex Tennis Master” Tournament

May: F1 Grand Prix

August: Red cross Gala

September: Monaco Yacht Show


Why I wanted to write about Hotel de Paris is because it’s such a famous spot for those in high society!

Any elegant lady has been there, and Hotel de Paris being the ultimate place to stay at.

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Have any of my dear elegant readers stayed at the Hotel de Paris?

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