When You Face Obstacles On Your Goalsetting Journey

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I’m currently going through a dip in my cycle as a human. I’m not referring to the hormonal one (I’ve checked) but a more general one.

You know when life goes really really smooth, almost downhill and bits and pieces keep falling together. Then out of the blue comes a dip, where obstacle after obstacle occurs, and suddenly you’re pushing your life uphill.
That’s me this week, pushing uphill for all the powers that I’ve got.

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At the moment I’m working very hard towards the goals that I’ve set for myself, and I’m fully aware (and prepared) for the struggles that are expected to come with the journey towards an achievement.

But being in the midst of it, I’m getting a harsh reality check, understanding that, it’s really not that easy. Even the struggles I was prepared for was not at all how I expected them to be. My mindset preparation has been useless, the battle is tougher than I expected.

So I begin to understand how much willpower and dedication it actually requires fulfilling your dreams.

Giving up feels so tempting right now when the obstacles are so big. I start thinking about all the people who have succeeded with similar goals, and I just want to ask them:
“How did you get through the toughest parts?” “It looks like your journey was effortless, is that really true?”

I write a lot about motivation and goal-setting, my mission is to empower as many of you as possible to accomplish your dreams.

But as I’m walking on this path with you, I want to tell you that there will be some struggle. When you hit the obstacles, just like I’m hitting them now, think of me and as if we’re battling them together.

Sometimes I wish to hear more voices speak up behind the picture perfect facades on Social Media (especially Instagram), how brutal the reality can be. Not to use this information to indulge in, but to understand that we’re not alone.

We’re all just doing our best, trying our best, hustling, failing, picking ourselves up again and going strong even on days when we want to give up.

As my battle continues, I have promised myself not to give up.
I can’t give up.
That’s the only fuel I’ve got to keep myself going and making it happen.
So I will continue;
I will pick myself up even if I fall immediately back down, but I will keep doing so until the air in my wings are back, and I’m riding this journey on a beautiful downhill again.

This post was not about anything in particular. I just wanted to share with you that in case you go through similar feelings; You’re not alone. I’m there too.  


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  1. G. van der V on

    Thank you for this post! It’s like someone wrote down my thoughts. I recently discovered your blog and I must say that I love it. Especially your posts about self development! Keep up the good work.

    Much love

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