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Graff Diamonds

Graff is creme de la creme from all the jewellers. The finest and most expensive diamonds around.

It’s very popular with arabs and Russians because of it’s bling bling nature, but also a trendy brand for engagement rings of the rich and famous.

I went to their shop in Harrods today and realised there must be some form of a psychological subconscious effect with beautiful things that glimmer. You cannot NOT want it when it sits there and sparkles so peacefully to you…. Ahhh… one day!

Pics from

Graff Diamonds


Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds Graff Diamonds



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  1. Could you do a Jet set babe calendar for 2016 please? 🙂

    I am saving money and would like to know when and where to go to be able meet jetset people.

    Im interested for summer 2016 from may till september.
    As well where is best place to go for NewYear 🙂

  2. mohammed al jalahmah on

    what do you think of the graff butterfly black watch is it tacky or classy and any suggestions on timeless classy looking watches

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