Perfect Eyebrows Of Instagram

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Eyebrows are one of the most important parts of the female face. Surely, you have the eyes and the lips that are quite important as they are the elements people notice first. But eyebrows is what really defines a face. It says a lot about a person too. Perfectly groomed eyebrows signal a woman who takes good care of herself. It’s in the attention to detail where you can spot true class and elegance.

Currently, we have a trend of thick eyebrows that are quite defined. A lot of women are following this, even though it might not be suitable on them with their face shape. I think people sometimes forget that trends can’t apply to everyone. I always tell, know what type of shape your face is, and then research what form of the eyebrows you need.

I, for instance, have a round face shape, so I need a high arch on my eyebrows so that my face doesn’t appear rounder. Long faces have the opposite; they need to have straight eyebrows to cut off the length, so it seems more balanced.

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

Out of curiosity I’ve investigated the viewpoint of men and found out that many dislike thick eyebrows. They also don’t like when they are very “painted” (as they called it) and I guess many were referring to the “Instagram Eyebrow” trend, where girls go lose with the powder effects and sharpness.

It seems that natural thickness and just a light fill is more than enough in the male perspective. But most of us women, overdo it and a majority of the time it doesn’t look great!

How to get perfect eyebrows

I have myself not yet perfected my eyebrow game, but I’m working on it.
There have been thoughts on doing microblading, but people say it seldom comes good. Instead, you get purple or blue eyebrows after a while, and it’s not nice. Permanent tattoo eyebrows are better in that case, but only if you go to a reputable professional.

For now, I’m sticking to eyebrow tint (Refectocil) every 10 days. In between, I try not to add so much makeup, but I fill in gently with an eyebrow pencil only where I have gaps. I stay clear of the beginning of the eyebrows (closest to the nose) because that area should never be very defined. Beginners usually make this mistake by filling that part as strong as the rest of the brow, but the fill there should be more sparse.

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

How to get perfect Eyebrows From Instagram

 How is your eyebrow game? What is your grooming ritual?
Do you use concealer around the brows? What other makeup methods do you have?
How do you remove the hair? Share with me everything as I’m curious and want to gain new ideas!



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  1. I always groom my brows before anything! ( after skincare!) I won’t walk out the door without them. I used to be obsessed with that heavy Instagram brow but I find it doesn’t suit me. I lightly add an outline top and bottom of my brow to add structure with dipbrow,
    Feather some light strokes in sparse areas, then I finish by combing L’Occataine soap on a wet spoolie to hold the hairs and make it look much more natural! I have thin long brow hairs and thag works like a dream. I conceal under with some MAC studio fix cream concealer and a Bobbi Brown concealer brush!!

  2. I have microblading on my eyebrows and it was the best decision ever for me. I’m a blonde Girl with very light natural brows and the microblading came out very natural. I get many compliments.
    All I have to do is to comb them up with some clear brow gel in order to fix them.
    If you decide to microblade your brows, go for a Cold undertone! no warm Colors!!

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