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From Plain Jane to JetsetBabe, Part 1

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Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

From Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

How to transform yourself from average to above average,

Part 1

Have you ever walked in to a room and melted in like as if you’re part of the interior decoration – nobody noticing – while someone else walks in and catches everyones attention?

What is it with some girls, they don’t necessarily need to be the most beautiful in the room, but they stand out so much with their zest that people get instantly interested in getting to know them?

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

Melting in to the crowd and being a grey little mouse is fine those days you don’t care for attention, but what about those days when you feel like your fabulous self and would like the rest of the world to know? Can you actually change this or is this something you have to face for the rest of your life – being un noticeable?

I’m talking about transforming yourself from Plain Jane to the bombshell goddess you truly are.
Everyone can do it, it just needs action from your end and that’s all 🙂

So what is needed?
Let’s start with the basics.

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

1. Personality

Before we go in to the superficial part, we have to talk about the biggest key player = amazing personality.
Sure, you can go ahead getting the amazing looks, but with a grey personality you will be…just looks, and looks becomes boring after 5 min!
So what’s the secret?

Please let me introduce the biggest but truest cliché in the world:  Being yourself.

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

You have to be 100% your best self

Being that relaxed self,
Being that self that don’t care of peoples opinions or reactions,
Being a goofy self when you feel like messing about.
Being that self who can talk passionate about things you love.
Being that self that can laugh about yourself and let the world know nothing can intimidate you.

Being your strong & charismatic self

Being the way you are around your closest friends…
Imagine that feeling of how relaxed and comfortable you feel then,
that’s the feeling you should adapt as much as possible when you want to be yourself – everywhere!


It’s ok to be weird.
It’s ok to have a particular sense of humor.
It’s ok to be a certain way.
It’s ok to have a strong personality.

It’s ok no matter who you are.

There is no right or wrong.

The only wrong you can do is to surpress your inner self.
Let it out, let it see the world.
Let it shine…

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

You will be amazed how many more people you will start attract in to your life by being yourself.

Normally people vanish when they feel there isn’t anything of interest on the table, but if you become your self then many people will see you from a different perspective. You will spark an interest.
Of course, it won’t be everyone in the world, But the ones who don’t, are the ones who nature needs to eliminate otherwise it would be “too many friends to handle”.

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

When you are yourself, you get an amazing personality, because there is only one person who is like you in the entire universe.
Surely, if you intend to show mainly your negative traits, the damaged personality that needs a lot of healing & work = might not be the personality people are interested in getting to know.

But no matter how damaged us human being are, we have always loads of good stuff within us.
Your task is to let the good stuff out. Show the world who you are, what you have.


Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe

You will become charismatic and interesting.
You will become that girl people remember.
You will become this, not to please others,

But to please yourself – to become who you REALLY ARE:

Please put effort in this, build courage within you to open up for the world to see your true self. It’s beautiful and amazing.
It’s your time to shine.

Once you’re ready with this, once you put effort of letting go of your protective shell – then we can start talking about the superficial part of how to turn yourself in to Jet set GODDESS! Good bye Plain Jane and Welcome to Miss JetsetBabe!
To be continued… 

Transform yourself from Plain Jane to JetsetBabe



About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Living my Life on

    I think the ways to be a jetset babe is to have style and good taste about clothes, make-up and hair style are really important to be noticed .
    I would say high heels , a pencil skirt et an expensive bag are a must .

  2. I agree, but in the JetSet world people (men) value a pretty face more than personality. At the end of the day, I swear you can develop a personality. I used to roll with many Russian/foreign models/exotic dancers/escorts (that is a lot of slashes) in NYC and many of them were beautiful and had amazing bodies FIRST. Then they started to know how to ‘ACT’, then how to dress. Be the life of the party (while not overdoing it), know how to flirt, know how to be mysterious, how to appear interesting. I swear they all had a handbook because when I first met them, they had 0 personality and were awkward. I feel when you are around the right people they can help groom you or if you are smart you will adapt your personality. I have seen girls start off looking like awkward teenagers in an adult world and within a few months turn into the most worldly and classy women you will ever meet. Down to their conversation choices. When I first met them they were spending weekends on the New Jersey shore or Brighton Beach and the next month they are bragging about attending a polo match in the Hamptons ! I remember being invited to a private event at a very very exclusive club at the rooftop of a hotel in NYC when I first moved to NYC. My girlfriend who invited me (who I considered a Jet Set girl) texted me a bunch of pointers regarding how I should dress (nothing to tight, nothing to short, classy not trashy), what I should talk about (travel, art, food). It was eye opening and I had a great time (while trying to balance on my new Louboutins). I just came back from traveling in France and met this very nice French gentleman. I had girlfriends there who were more attractive that me BUT since I had so much to talk about just coming back from France I was able to talk to him all night and also practice my French. I guess I am agreeing with this post. Also, having a benefactor helps. I mean how else would a Plain Jane afford all the manicures, plastic surgery, waxing, facials, makeup, hair do’s, designer clothes and shoes. If you don’t have one you better get real good at doing your own makeup and hair and find an excellent consignment store and local gym.

    • Thanks for the long comment. I would like to reply to it, but if you don’t mind I will reply to it with a post as I want to make a point for everyone 🙂

  3. I am really becoming a fan of your website! It’s a lot of fun! )) I think it is a bit tricky to say that all the girls whose pictures you’ve posted have a great or interesting personality. It would be more accurate to say that they now how to market themselves through photos and know how to pose )) But the article is nice read, totally agree that confidence is a must. and I like your writing style. I am looking forward to part 2! ))

    • Thank you dear 🙂
      Yes I agree with you on that one. However I need to point out, that the girls I put pictures of in the blog, don’t necessarily need to be connected to the content I’ve written about in the post. The pictures are there more for illustrative purposes, so I honestly have no idea how those girls are IRL.

    • Another Jet Set Girl on

      How to find one? that’s kinda easy . First it’s all about your look (make up , hairdo , clothes and so on ) , go to places where there are very rich people in your city .
      secondly if you don’t want to move from you chair 😀 search for someone rich in internet .

  4. I don’t think of myself as a ” Babe ” ,because I am in my 70 ‘s but I am very fashion conscious, not the latest trends, but classic elegance; travelling to Europe in June is a bit tricky weather wise; what do you suggest for an elegant travel ensemble that can be worn also going to dinner with a different tops and jewery ?

    • I’m so happy to have a reader of your age group, thank you for reading my blog and please feel welcome any time 😀
      The best travel ensemble in terms of clothing I would say are skirts and tops. You can mix and match them as much as you want, getting “more looks” than if you pack dresses. I will be blogging more about travel clothing for destinations very soon! Big hug!

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