Saturday, February 22

Flared or Wide Pants

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My love for flared or wide trousers goes back all the way to when I was a teenager and wore suit pants to school. They were wide or flared and I loved them! I felt cool and grown up. Although the times are now different I still can’t get over my wide pant obsession. 

For the past decade we’ve been having a “skinny jeans craze” which has suffocated the presence of it’s wider opponent.

Skinnies are great but they are designed to look amazing on runway model type of girls. Slim or long legs or both. For all Average Joe’s out there like myself, we need some help to create that tall model like silhouette when wearing pants.

Thankfully God invented the Flared & Wide trouser! 🙂

Any girl, with any height can extend her legs to Victoria Secret standards and look like an amazon woman as she walks! The coverage of the flare or wideness usually covers if you’re wearing heels under (you can even get away with wedges on a fancy occasion, nobody’s gonna see it anyway).

Another advantage of this type of leg extension is that it tricks the eye and makes your thighs appear slimmer as your leg gets longer. But overall I adore them mainly because they are so stylish and chic and versetaile! You can wear this look anywhere, both day & night and that’s what matters when you’re a girl on a budget!

The only down side – this trouser has to be worn with heels otherwise it will be touching the ground and ruin itself. Kinda sucks, but if you invest in a pair of super comfy wedges, then who cares?

Here are some examples of trousers I like:

White Flared Trousersbottomline

White Wide Trousersbottomline

Wide Trousers in any colorbottomline

Flared Black Trousersbottomline

Flared Jeansbottomline

Here are some trousers I really like and the best part: they are all designer brands and most of them are at a bargain price! God I love shopping on Sale…


Diane Von Furstenberg Trousers

1. Black

2. White

3. Navy (currently on sale!)


Missoni (currently on sale!)

wide pants

Alice and Olivia (currently on sale!)



Joseph (currently on sale!)



Alexander Mcqueen (sale and last one left!)


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  1. I love these wide pants looks but I think wide pants are more suited to women who are thin or normal in weight. It depends on the type of body you have as well… For someone with an apple shaped body it can make them look too broad or wide.

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