Face & Lips Injections

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Can you do a post about lip injections/implants? It seems like all the girls you post pictures of have these! Is this common? Do you do it?

Answer: I’m not an expert in terms of injections, but I’ve tried some and know some basics about it. I would say 80% of the girls in this blog have some kind of injections, most common are lips, botox and cheek bones. I’ve personally tried putting botox on top of my upper lip to give it a little bit of a pout. The result of that was very small and full effect was gone after 2 weeks. Such waste of money. Another time I put 0.5ml Restylane in my upper lip which my friends thought I was crazy since I have quite full lips naturally. The result wasn’t massive either, nobody noticed I’ve done anything and after 2 months it was all gone. Since then I decided I’m not gonna bother with enhancing anything again as I’m happy with my lips as they are.





What I’m not happy about are those little lines that appear here and there in the face, and since I’m getting close to 30’s I’ve already started with botox. I’ve put it in the entire forehead and between the eyebrows. I’m so paranoid for lines that I feel I want to use botox as a precaution rather than anything else. I don’t want to “grow” any wrinkles, I rather put up a shield of botox in. That’s my logic of it at least. 😉





I personally have nothing against injections, and would happily play around more if I had money to waste. I’d like to put in my cheek bones, just of curiosity to see the results. I know people who have done other corrections in the face, nose etc looking really great. But it all depends on the injector. I always research and try and find the creme de la creme of nurses out there who know how to handle these things. This is a labour of art, and some may be terrible at it although they’re fully certified. So never buy these cheap deals on injections or skipping the research bit. So many things can go wrong and I’ve both seen and heard examples of bad cases.





One last thing. I know it’s easy to become blind to the amount of injections, but try and avoid putting in too much. I feel there are so many girls out there who ruin their looks by simple adding too much. Megan Fox & Lindsay Lohan look old and swollen with too many face injections, and other girls fill their lips so much they look plastic. (And plastic does not belong in the world of elegance)

Less is more, so don’t get carried away! 🙂




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  1. Can you pleases recomend me a doctor for nose job, lip injecton? I don’t care if he is from london, turky, russa or whatever. I know that you or your friends have someone who thing that is the best in that field. And i know that you don’t do this kind of reclamations but you can write me a mail. Please, i would be very gratefull 🙂

    • Everyone says the best surgeons for nose jobs are located in middle eastern, like Lebanon, Iran etc. I don’t have any specific names, again: Just google and do some research. You will find people recommending surgeons. When it comes to lip injections I would google for the ones in your own country as It’s not worth going to another country for that I feel 🙂

  2. Thank you, JetsetBabe for answering my question so quickly!!! It was super helpful. I want to do lip injections, but am afraid of it being painful. But I do think getting the look is worth it. Maybe I will think on it further before deciding.

    Anyway, I really enjoy reading your blog and I think it’s so great that you post what your readers are curious about. Take care!

    • Thank you 😉
      Let me tell you, it doesn’t hurt as much as you probably imagine it will – but it does feel a little bit. It’s really not a major pain so If you’re curious to try, just do it! Also the pain last like a few seconds only, I’m sure you’ll survive that 😉

  3. Great post! If anyone is around Switzerland (Geneva) I know a really good doctor for injections, best I ever tried!

    • Oi Nanda. Eu acho que você é brasileira e vi que vc curte esse blog assim como eu. Estou procurando por novas amizades e amizades que curtem esse estilo de vida assim como eu. Será que você poderia me passar alguma rede social pra eu conversar com você? Aguardo sua resposta. Bjos!!!

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