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Work out motivation goes up and down in periods. Right now I’m in a super motivated phase, after being “on vacation” for 3 months aka Not much exercise!

I must say it was really hard keeping up with the exercise routine while travelling. I did a few attempts, but overall having an ongoing gymmin’ schedule was just too tough when changing locations so frequently.

Gym Motivation & Inspiration

The problem is that I’m not planning to stop travelling anytime soon, so I’m trying to figure out how to easy incorporate the gym routine in to my everyday life being on the road. What I need most is some form of gym access, but it will be an expensive story to buy daily passes since not many gyms offer weekly ones.

I still haven’t figured out a solution to be honest, so if anyone of experience wish to share their advice, please do!

But while I’m at my parents, there is plenty of comfort to be gymmin’, juicin’ and detoxing like there is no tomorrow! I’m super motivated and can’t wait to reach my final goals in terms of dropping the last desired percent of fat & gain some lean muscles (lol, this word is so trendy these days).

Btw. Another helper and motivator that I’ve started using on a serious level is these health bracelets which measure your steps/calorie burn etc which you keep track off on a designated app.

That combined with calorie counting app (My fitness pal) have made me really keep track of my macronutrients! Before I was always too lazy to calculate this stuff, because it is a bit of a pain in the ass to be honest… But oh does it open up your eyes to how much you are actually consuming, especially when you are like me who like to go and snack a little bit everywhere, all the time. Even if it’s healthy snacking it still does not favour you carb counting-wise.



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  1. I love fitness! Did you ever do any sports like football/soccer? I’m sure wherever you go, you can find a small group of people willing to do a pick up game of soccer/football.

    There are many ‘free’ exercises (no weights necessary) that you can do at home for abs, butt, legs, back, and arms. For cardio, you can also run just about anywhere (I love using Caledos Runner to track where I have run on a map! It’s so fun to look at all the cities and paths you’ve run around in the world!) and you can also do jump roping. Cycling may be possible since it seems like renting bicycles in cities is becoming more popular (though they aren’t ‘sport bikes’).

    Sonia Tlev has a trending program ( https://instagram.com/soniatlevfitness ) where you don’t really need anything so you can do it at home. It’s called Top Body Challenge. I, like you, prefer a strong but lean look so I do exercises at home like these anytime of the day and and I only need to leave my home for cardio. I don’t jump rope because I have bad knees and don’t want to build too much thigh muscles since I am prone to building muscle more easily than others but it may work for you.

    Lastly before this gets any longer, do you know rhythmic gymnastics? I am really into it so I do a lot of ‘ballet’ exercises at home and stretching for flexibility. The RG exercises are great for toning! You should check out Yuliya Barsukova’s RGexercises ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFUbZyzdy2s&spfreload=10) and Karolina ( https://instagram.com/karolisha_s8 ) both are former, Russian gymnasts but Karolina is now just a jetsetter/student. 🙂

    I hope this will be helpful!

    • Thank you so much for this info C!!!! You have just motivated me, along with this post. I’m looking into the Sonia Tlev program since it is available in English. Thank you again!

    • wow I just checked the RG videos, i didnt know that these existed, we used to do it at school as well as in dance trainings, i actually still do it, so now i can see the proper form, thank you =]

      • Yes, RG isn’t very popular outside of eastern Europe, let alone all of Europe. I’m surprised you did these at school! May I ask where you went to school?

        You can also search ‘rhythmic gymnastics training’ in any language to see different exercises. I know Alina Kabaeva had a short series but it is in Russian and a lot of it is apparatus handling.

        • we did it in elementary as well as pilates and yoga (than they banned yoga cause they thought it is related to religion =]) originaly i am from Slovakia which geographically is considered central europe sometimes is considered as politically eastern, lived there for 20 yrs, in gymanzium we did gymnastics in winter, it was always divided into seasons runnung mostly during nice months, gymnastics and ball games indoors during winter, i also put big emphasis on flexibility in any form casue it makes body leaner

  2. exactly as C said, many could be done at home as you know, but why not to try something new, like climbing or horse riding as part of you excercise, to make up for gym sesions and the time you spend working out at home, for some ppl it is motivating to be at gym, these days I am would use this motivation too, but what i used to do was that i had few dvds i put them on just to remember what i should do and i put some tv show (mostly comedy) in another window so i amused myself somehow, as well as with weights when you travel it would be crazy to either bring them or buy them so i used to buy 2 waterbottles (they make some witch nice grab in the middle) an filled them with water, when i left i simply throw them away
    i also used to run to different places in the city I was in, it is much more exciting when you do not know the city and also you meet interesting ppl

  3. When working out, I have trouble listening to music or watching something if what I’m doing involves counting. Haha! The only thing I can do while watching is stretch. 🙂

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