Everyone on holiday right now

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  1. Happy for you
    I thought there is rainfall and storm season now?
    When is the beat rime to go to Asia?
    We are planning to go to Thailand in end of januarry for 3 weeks – Krabi ( 1 week) and Chiang Mai (2wweks).
    I have never been in Asia.
    I have question about internet as i work by internet and videoconferences. Would it mean i loose possibility to work during holiday or still can work?
    The hotel says it has wifi.. Just wonder about the speed.
    Been in Turkey- speed was terrible, cant call it wifi at all,, half and hour to open simple home pages..
    Canarian islands – fast wifi, videocalls to home etc..

    To witch place are u going to holiday?

  2. What is the best time to go to Asia?

    Do you buy holiday in tour agency? Or you buy tickets online and find place to live online by yourself?

  3. All the ladies look amazing!! Very inspirational so now I’m going out running. I think the beaches in Mexico and Greece are best. Keep up the great posts.

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