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I encourage people to dress classy and not be a slave to fashion trends as they all eventually fade. I believe in classic, timeless fashion that will last you a lifetime! When you look at old photos, you should never question yourself with “what was I wearing?” – instead, it will seem like you have never aged.

When there is a fashion trend with a timeless touch, I feel like I want to acknowledge it because it’s one of the few fashion trends I believe well-worth investments. Anything that you can wear for a long time in the future is always a good investment. Everything else is just a waste…

So the latest fashion intel is the boldest color of them all; Red. All the celebrities and JetsetBabes are seen wearing this color on suits in particular. Red is a classic color, and suits are standard pieces in a woman’s wardrobe – together they become a timeless ensemble!

But, before you invest in a red suit, it’s worth reflecting on some things:

  • Get a suit that is correctly fitted to your body because a poor fit will make it look cheap.
  • Avoid going budget when you purchase an intense color like red. It’s easy to spot cheap materials on loud colors, so make sure you get a suit of good quality.
  • The red suit will be your centerpiece, anything else that you wear should be neutral and discreet.
  • You might be able to wear this suit for many years ahead, but unfortunately, you will not be able to wear it often. Because the red drag so much attention to it, if you wear it once (and get your picture taken), you should wait a while before wearing it again – as it might still be very fresh in people’s memory. But if you don’t care about these things, then wear it every day!

Beautiful red suit inspiration:

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Even though days are mostly grey in UK, I have my ways to brighten them up – bursts of colour in my wardrobe. Do you believe that colour can affect your mood? 💙Спасибо большое всем, кто дал совет по разгрузке гардероба )) Взяла на заметку все пароли и явки! 😘В догонку ко вчерашней теме.. А верите ли вы, что цвет способен влиять на ваше настроение? Мне кажется, что каждый оттенок обладает своим потенциалом и способен создать желаемую атмосферу. Я , например, раньше не любила желтый и оранжевый цвета. Но я стала замечать , что после долгих, по большей части серых , коротких зимних дней так хочется восполнить яркость и теплоту дней солнечных! Самый МОЙ цвет- это красный. Он сразу поднимает мне настроение! Не только потому, что как мне кажется, этот оттенок мне идёт, но и потому, какую теплоту и энергию он мне дарит. Мне кажется он несёт в себе полноту жизни, уверенность и любовь.❤ Используете ли вы любимые цвета в целях цветотерапии? #tati_tips

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#SeedsOfAfrica styled by @sam__woolf

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What do you think? Would you invest in a red suit?

Share your thoughts in the comments section!


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