Evening Trousers or Jump suits

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Jump suit Jump suit


Evening trousers

I’m looking to buy some kind of trousers that I can wear in the evening instead of wearing a dress. It has to be something that looks very dressy, yet not too masculine but has to be chic. When I go out mid week I tend to not to be in a dress-mood, for that occasion trousers would do the job. But at the moment I only have jeans (a big no no if you go to private members clubs, as they would never let you in) or tuxedo / office trousers. Boring.

I’m thinking of the idea of a jump suit, but unfortunately most of them look very unsexy. I’m trying to find something like the girl is wearing in picture 2, not sure where to look. Any ideas feel free to share. We need trousers for the winter season coming up and it’s very comfortable as you don’t need to hassle with shaving your legs, put on fake tan etc for a night out. Perfect, right? 😉


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