Elegance for Jetsetbabes: An introduction

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How to be an elegant lady

“Elegance – of a high grade or quality: SPLENDID” – Merriam Webster

When you think of elegance what do you think of?

I can’t help but picture a beautiful woman in a chic, long white gown, her hair in a chignon, holding a glass of wine as she stands atop a spiral staircase. Now that may be the image I see, but when we speak of elegance, it’s important to define what it personally means to you. Not everyone has the same definition of “high quality” or “splendid.”

How to be an elegant lady

If I told you to close your eyes and spoke the word “elegance,” what is the image that appears in your mind? Is it celebrity, a sleek black cat, or a string of shiny pearls?

So, let’s continue with a short, little exercise:
If you don’t already have a pen and paper handy, go get them. Now write down the words that describe your image of elegance.

How to be an elegant lady

If I imagine the woman on the staircase, here are some of the qualities that I can think of:

• Wealthy
• Form-fitting
• High up
• Red

Now, I am going to apply these descriptive words to myself. This is how I can I be more elegant. For ‘wealthy,’ I can think of wearing more expensive-looking clothes such as neutral colors and faux (or real!) jewels .

For ‘form-fitting’, why not wear clothes that elongate my body and fit well? As for high-up, I can experiment more with updos (lol – not much I can do about staircases!), and for ‘red’, why not go for deeper shades of red lipstick, or maybe learn something more about wine?

How to be an elegant lady

This exercise takes the fairly broad and subjective concept of elegance and personalizes it to you. You can do this exercise not only for one image of elegance but for several. With application and practice, you will soon embody the qualities of an elegant lady in a way that is true and unique to you!

Today’s focus was fun and creative, but next week’s article will actually include some concrete suggestions on making your look more elegant . . .

How to be an elegant lady

Hanifa Yip is a women’s health mentor, certified fitness professional, and registered nutritionist with over 20 years of certified teaching experience in fitness.

She has recently authored a book for women entitled “Healthy with Hanifa: A Woman’s Guide to Holistic Health & Fitness”, which is available for purchase on Amazon US, UK, Canada, and Australia. She also loves learning and sharing ideas on classiness, etiquette, and all subjects related to being a lady and is a regular contributor for JetsetBabe and the How to be a Lady Facebook group.



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