Eat This For 7 Days & You Will Lose Weight!

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Whoever knows me knows that I am a real foodie! I enjoy eating, and I can eat a lot! So, after all the excessive food consumption of Christmas and New Year’s meals, I like to do a detox with a soup recipe that I often used as a model, and that offered good results.

This fat-burning cabbage soup can help you lose weight fast especially from the third day. My beautician had advised me to use it years ago, and since then whenever I want a quick detox, I just cook it!

It’s easy, cheap, and healthy.

Please keep in mind that this recipe is a good boost for your diet and overall health, but nothing can replace exercising and eating healthy all year long!

This soup is also used in certain hospitals for overweight patients who must lose quickly lose weight to be operated.

Fat Burning Detox Soup

The Fat burning cabbage soup recipe

To prepare this fat-burning recipe, you need:

▪ A fresh cabbage
▪ Five peeled tomatoes
▪ Three green peppers
▪ Five big onions
▪ A branch of celery
▪ Three liters of water

Cut the vegetables and put all these ingredients together in a saucepan to boil them. Once they are cooked mix them and you are done!

Fat Burning Detox Soup

Enjoy your hot soup. If you wish, you can add salt, pepper a little ginger and some spices (paprika, curry, etc.). Personally, I like to add herbs and the juice of half a lemon just before drinking my soup!

Tip: All of the ingredients represent a significant amount of soup, to make a smaller quantity you can simply divide all quantities by two!

Fat Burning Detox Soup

Why is the cabbage soup so effective?

During your cabbage soup diet, the soup is the main food for your meals. Also, do not consume fatty foods or sweet foods. As a result, your body will use your fat reserves as a source of energy resulting in significant weight loss.

The cabbage soup is low in calories because it consists of ingredients that make you lose weight. And it’s a natural appetite suppressant. Also, cabbage is one of the best natural fat burners. It addition, it has a detoxifying property and improves digestion. This broth will detoxify the body, and it is healthy because composed only of vegetables!

Fat Burning Detox Soup

Tip: If you find this diet too strict, you can use this soup as a replacement of some meals during the week. It will benefit your health!

When to eat cabbage soup?

Replace breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the cabbage soup. You can also eat it anytime you are hungry instead of other snacks! Follow this diet for one week (it is important not to exceed this period to avoid any risk of deficiencies). However, besides soup add other foods, such as: vegetables, fruits, and lean meat.

Fat Burning Detox Soup

Menu ideas for losing weight with cabbage soup

To help you keep up with your cabbage soup diet, here are some menu ideas to follow for a week:

▪ Day 1: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + three fruits (except banana).
▪ Day 2: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + green vegetables.
▪ Day 3: cabbage soup morning, afternoon and evening + vegetables and fruits.
▪ Day 4: cabbage soup morning, noon and night + bananas (maximum 3 per day).
▪ Day 5: cabbage soup morning, noon and night + lean meat (300 g).
▪ Day 6: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables and lean meat (300 g).
▪ Day 7: cabbage soup morning, noon and evening + vegetables, rice and fruits.

At the end of this week, a stabilization period of 15 days can be started. The return to a regular diet should be done gradually to avoid a yo-yo effect.

Fat Burning Detox Soup


▪ A simple soup that can be prepared with few ingredients
▪ Recipe suitable for all budgets
▪ Efficient
▪ A diet that lasts only one week
▪ Soup to eat at will
▪ No feeling of hunger because of the satiating effect of the soup


▪ Eating cabbage soup at all meals and for 7 days can be embarrassing and frustrating.
▪ Many foods are prohibited under this scheme.
▪ This soup is not suitable for people with intestinal problems.
▪ This plan must not last longer than 7 days. If you want to do it again, it is important to wait at least 15 days.

Fat Burning Detox Soup

What is my opinion about fat burned cabbage soup?

In my opinion, cabbage soup is suitable for people wishing to lose weight quickly. On the other hand, it is essential to follow this diet scrupulously for quick and conclusive results.

Anyway, do not be tempted to continue your cure of cabbage soup beyond 7 days, as nutritional deficiencies may appear. On the other hand, even if it is useful, the cabbage soup diet is a restrictive diet. To follow it, determination and motivation are the watchwords!

Fat Burning Detox Soup


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