Eat Organic, Prevent Cancer

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Eat Organic Food

What a perfect Sunday!

I woke up early in the morning, well rested of course (as I went to bed at 11 pm on a saturday night, crazy party girl I am) – and I went down to the farmers market to do my weekly shopping.

Each sunday I have a market 5 min away from my house. Yet I’ve been a lazy enough to never pay a visit, and instead go to my supermarket buying foods full with pesticides & chemicals. It’s due to my ignorance and laziness of course.

Eat Organic Food

As I’ve become more health conscious recently, not wanting to pollute my body more than I already do – I’ve decided to stop with chemical intake through foods. I’ve cut down on processed foods with about 80%. There are still a good 20% to go, but there are just some things I yet can’t let go of (like my supermarket prepared hummus I eat on a daily basis). We really don’t realize how much CRAP processed foods actually contain and the additives, chemicals that could be a contributor to future diseases like cancer.

So let’s talk about Fruit & Veg, which has become 70% of my daily food intake.

We think we’re so healthy when we pop down the shop buying loads of greens, preparing a nice salad or cook a delicious dish with it. What we tend to forget – or not pay attention to – the amount of pesticides this healthy “mother earth product” actually contain! Have you ever heard about GM? Welcome to the vegeland where everything you put on your plate looks identical.

Eat Organic Food

Good fruit & veg should look a little big “rough”. It should not look like it’s photoshopped or just jumped out of a cartoon movie. This stuff has not the same amount of nutrients as something coming straight from your back garden and the “poison” it’s covered in may be just the beginning of future sickness for yourself. Be aware! Take Responsibility for your health! 

When I went to the farmers market this morning I felt like I was in heaven. Only organic & locally produced foods. Halleluja! Even the meat, fish, poultry, eggs & dairy products all came from good farms where animals live in better circumstances.

I’m a vegetarian / trying to become a vegan – and I really want to share something with you.

I understand not everyone has the same mentality when it comes to animal products and I don’t want to be a pushy annoying person saying “Go Vegan!”. But if you feel you have the strong need of eating meat & dairy products, Could you do the world & your karma a favor and buy from local organic farms only? Like go to a farmers market or Whole foods where you can buy products from animals that have not been tortured prior to their death?

Eat Organic Food

Everything that has been sold in supermarket comes from MASS PRODUCTIONS.

Every animal product in a supermarket come from places where animals have been tortured to death or tortured the entire time during their little short life in order to cut costs and deliver as much animal product as possible to us humans.

I understand maybe not everyone care for animals. But If you do, please, don’t buy from supermarkets. Please spare yourself of intaking the negative energy of suffering the animal has gone through in order to feed you. 

Eat Organic Food

As I like to talk about here on the blog, how important it is for us to surround ourselves in positive energy – if you care about this stuff – don’t eat food that is filled with negative energy – food full of suffering from being tortured. 

I won’t go on more now, but I do want to raise the awareness. This is important stuff! Take care of yourself, take care of your health, take care of the planet we live on. Take your responsibilities!

From now on, I’m going to put the farmers market as my sunday morning routine.

It just made me feel absolutely great being there, picking my veg and connecting to a positive vibe. This entire week I’ll be only eating organic, and I can’t wait! 😀

I REALLY LOVE MY NEW HEALTHY LIFESTYLE 2.0!!! 😀 😀  Join me on this amazing journey!

Eat Organic Food


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