Dry Fasting – It Will Make You Healthy And Slim

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As I’m writing this post, I’m doing my weekly dry-fasting. Once a week, for 36 hours, I don’t consume any food, liquids or water. My body is put on temporary starvation because of the incredible health benefits that you get from this practice.

I’m only 31 years old, but due to the bad mainstream diet that I’ve been fed my entire life, together with poor lifestyle choices and other factors, I’ve started to accumulate my first health problems. Candida and IBS being some of them.

With IBS, doctors claim there is no cure for it, that you just have to adapt your lifestyle and avoid XYZ – but I’m not able to accept this fact. I know that humans are (in most cases) not born with disorders, we create them ourselves because of all the toxic exposure we get from food and other external sources. We should, therefore, be able to cure ourselves, by removing anything that is destroying us and create an environment in our bodies where disease cannot flourish.

The human body is a highly intelligent mechanism that has survived millions of years and is fully capable of healing itself, without the need for any doctors, medication or technology.

The problem is that in today’s society, humans are very much controlled by government and corporations who have to make money off us. There is no financial benefit for them in promoting natural self-healing. These companies and the economy will not benefit if humans stopped eating animal products, processed foods or stop taking medication. There is too much money involved for the corporations and the government, which is why you don’t have many mainstream doctors promoting fasting to their patients. It’s sad because there has been a lot of clinical studies in the last 100 years that backs the facts, but for whatever reason, the masses are still being fed various myths about fasting and what the human needs.

Most people, frown upon when they hear the word fasting, in fact, they either associate it with eating disorders or think that you’re crazy. If people only got the right education, fasting would become more acknowledged and save people from serious diseases.

I’ve been fasting on and off for a while, in the past months, I’ve started incorporating fasting into my weekly regime. Previously, I’ve done multiple juice fasts (10 days being the longest one), and I have practiced regular water fasts for up to 5 days long. As you get experience, you prepare your body to do more severe fasts like dry fasting.

At the stage where I’m at today, it’s completely healthy for me to do a 36 hours dry fasting once a week, with time, I will be able to do 48 hours, 3 – 5 days and even longer if I get that desire. Dry fasts can be done longer than 5 days, but only under supervision from experienced practitioners.

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Understand Fasting

The modern human eats too often and too much. Food is too available to us, and we get programmed to believe myths like “it’s healthy to eat small meals every 3 hours.”

Humans are hunters and gatherers by nature. For millions of years we have eaten whenever we have found food, and that was never in a regular cycle. We could find food one day and then be without for several days to come, our bodies are built and adapted to this principle.

It’s only in the recent 100 years, the peak of the industrial era, where food has become so immensely available to us. For social and cultural reasons, we now eat up to 6 times a day, and it’s considered “normal.” Little do we know that we’re actually damaging and putting stress on our inner organs, when our digestive system has to be working 24/7 to digest all the heavy foods we put in our mouths. Our organs never get an actual break to heal and repair itself, because their main focus always revolves around food digestion and nothing else.

When you stop eating temporarily, you give your digestive system and your body a break from breaking down all this food. What happens is that your body gets the conditions it needs to heal itself, and it starts by doing so with cell rejuvenation and killing off all the toxins inside your body that has been building up for years.


Why is dry fasting better than water fasting?

All fasting is good, but dry fasting is more efficient and has more health benefits. One day of dry fast is equivalent to 3 days of water fast in terms of detoxification. You accomplish much more in a shorter amount of time, which is great for people who find it difficult to make room for fasting in their busy lives (as it can require a little bit of planning or timeout).

If you do a normal water fast, your body eliminates the toxins through skin, liver, urine, bowels, and kidneys – but on dry fast, the body goes through a much more complicated process where each cell burns up the toxins inside the cell itself. Additionally, your body has no need to process fluids like water, giving your immune system the chance to work with full efficiency since it has no workload from the digestion. Its healing capacity goes therefore into its fullest mode, and that’s when miracles start happening.

What happens inside the body on the more scientific level, can be found in this great article. I recommend anyone who wants to learn in depth about dry fasting and understand why it’s so beneficial to our health.

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What are the benefits?

Bacteria, viruses, parasites, inflammation and damaged cells cannot survive inside the body without water.

When you do a dry fast, you kill them off by not feeding them with what they usually thrive off. As a result, the body cleanses itself and start creating new healthy cells and make space for them in all our tissues where previously the “bad stuff” would have lived. Everything that is harmful gets burned up by the healthy cells, and they start dividing faster and producing stronger and more powerful cells.

Fasting helps the body to “restart its system” and become an undesired host for diseases and health problems.

As a bonus, you get weight loss. When you dry fast, your body uses its fat deposits three times faster than if you would have done a water fast. People who want to lose weight will notice how dry fasting is one of the most efficient methods to weight loss and getting a toned body without the loss of much muscle mass.

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What to think of?

It’s important to know that if you are pregnant or underweight, fasting is not recommended. Anyone who may be unsure of their conditions should always consult with a doctor before attempting fasting.

For people who are new to fasting and feel ready to give it a try, dry fasting is not to recommend in the beginning. Instead, you should do 24 hours & 36-hour water fasts until you feel ready to start eliminating water too.

One of the most important things to think about is how you enter the fast, and how you break it. You should never stuff yourself full of food before your fast begins, as your digestive system will be working on breaking that food down for many hours to come. You should eat something light or drink raw juices, preparing your digestion for rest.

When it’s time to breaking the fast, you must never do so by eating food. It should always be done with liquids, like water or raw juices. You introduce food gradually as it will otherwise be too much burden on a previously inactive/resting digestion. Your first meals should not consist of heavy dishes, but instead, something light like soup or anything easy to digest like fruits.

Doing fasting regularly is advised, as complete detoxification does not happen in one go. If you add fasting as a regular practice in your life, you may see some of these amazing health benefits:

  • Diseases will improve if not go away completely
  • Allergies and health disorders will do so too
  • You might live 20 years longer, as regular practice extends your life expectancy and youth
  • Fasting is the best anti-aging method, as when the cells rejuvenate itself it will make you look younger as a result
  • Your skin, nails, and hair will improve its quality
  • You will lose weight, and what you lose will mainly be from stored fat
  • You will get a clearer mind and better productivity levels
    … and much more


The reason why I wanted to include this topic on JetsetBabe, is because fasting has helped me a lot with my transformation.

My candida is gone, my IBS is reduced with 70%, other health issues have improved, I’ve lost weight, my skin is better, I feel I look younger than my age and my mind has benefitted so much from this practice. I feel more efficient and productive, even though fasting can occasionally feel challenging. But it’s never as bad as it sounds.

People assume you will feel intense hunger and thirst as you fast, it’s not all like that. You have these sensations from time to time, but most of the times, you actually feel quite good – if not normal. Occasionally you can be easily irritated, or feel hot/cold, and so on. The symptoms are very individual, I only speak for myself.

But the results and feelings I get from this practice make me want to continue. If it didn’t work or would be that terrible, I would never withstand doing it once a week.

If you have any questions I’m happy to answer, just leave in the comments section and I will respond.


About Author

Anna Bey is the founder of JetsetBabe and School of Affluence - and online educational platform helping women achieve elegance and get an affluent life. Visit SchoolOfAffluence.com for more info! P.S Don't miss her Youtube channel & Instagram.


  1. Thank you! I have been wAiting for this post for a while. My question is do you exercise during the fast? If so what. I feel like this would be a good time to do on Sundays, for me at least. As it is literally the day of rest, I could give my whole body rest and just focus on life instead of my next meal. Any way I would think yoga might be okay, but what do you say. I know some people do an intense workout at he end of daily intermittent fasting, but it might be different for longer fasting. Thank you also !

    • I do exercise sometimes. It’s actually recommended to exercise during fasting, as it helps the detoxification process and the removal of toxins. However, you can’t do anything that is very intense, forget HIT work outs and things that makes you sweat. Whenever I train during fasts, I do pilates reformer as the most intense work out, otherwise I go powerwalking only. I think in the beginning it’s ok to fast and not be very active, but as you get more experienced with fasting, you should incorporate light training in to your fasts 🙂 Good luck!

      • I have started to do a HIT workout at the end of my 36 hour dryfast before breaking the fast. I wanted to try this because i have read where your HGH skyrockets after fasting for approximately 24 hours.It just make sense that a HIT workout with skyrocketing HGH levels would really promote muscle mass. I was afraid of feeling weak and therefore reduce performance, i would feel faint and i would get really thirsty.None of this happened. No problems at all. I have found that it’s best to try things out for yourself and don’t always follow the advice of so called experts who are just giving their opinion rather than advice based on solid research.

      • I have bee doing a 36 hour dry fast and a 24 hour water fast weekly. At the end of each i do a HIT workout. I was apprehensive at first.I felt i would be weak and get dizzy. Neither happened and my performance has been great.Iam also 73 years old but in excellent shape.When you do this your HGH goes through the roof. I kind of get tired of advice given that is not based on reality.

  2. Hi

    Love your blog so glad it’s back!

    I frequently juice fast and I am definitely interested in dry fasting soon. My only struggle is the best time to do it? During a normal working week or a day of rest? I find sometimes when I’m busy it’s easier. What do you recommend? Also how do you distract yourself when hunger strikes? Evening is my worst time!

    Excited to read more of your amazing posts 🙂

    Laura xx

    • Thank you Laura! Welcome back 😉
      I do the fasting anytime of the week, whenever I know that I don’t need to be social in terms of meeting people for coffee/lunch/dinners. I plan it on a day I know I either will be working all day/running errands/not have to meet anyone in particular. I find it easier to fast when I have a little bit of solitude, but I don’t mind being active (as long as it’s not heavy cardio activeness). They say it’s great if you live your life normally on a dry fast, because movement helps the detoxification process. I guess it’s all up to you and how you feel you can last. Try first 24 hours and see how it goes.
      In terms of hunger strikes, you usually have less of it on dry fast because you don’t have any liquids that you take that starts triggering your hunger. For me the worst hunger is always around lunch time, and it only lasts for a few hours, and then it goes away. On my instagram @jetsetbabe I’ve done a story documenting my entire fasting process, if you want to check it out. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Love this post! Would love more on how jet setters, socialites and models REALLY eat (not just what they say when being interviewed). Would also love a rundown of diets you’ve personally tried and what works best. Thanks and keep it up <3

  4. Thanks so much for the advice!

    Keep up the amazing posts I look forward to more beauty/health related!

    Laura 😊 xx

  5. I knew I was right to fast. As a kid I would do it unintentionally because I just felt more alert but then as I got older people kept telling me how “unhealthy” it was but it always confused me since there are A LOT of cultures/religions that do this quite regularly. I am so happy I found you, Anna! You are simply the best!

    • You are so sweet! Thank you! Children often eat very intuitively and mindfully, which is the correct way of eating. It’s the programmed human who come and put its programming on to the kids, so that they adapt to the world of over eaters 🙂

  6. Hi Anna!! I’ve read just now your post about JSB’s dieting on Facebook group. I’m so very curious about russian JSB dieting…it’s sound very restrictive

  7. That’s a nice and true article! In fact, I heard about fasting from my boyfriend, he started fasting 3-5 days once a month and told me about the health benefits you already listed here. That’s absolutely true about healing, he had some gut issues and all are solved now thanks to dry fasting.
    Anyway, I am not able to do it because I am too skinny already(I got 177 and 54 kg) fasting would mean to loose more weight and I don’t want this .. Plus, my personal trainer told me a fact that I realized on my own body : the body consumes the muscular mass first and not the fat deposits, the fat deposits are left the last ones. For example, if you plan to do fasting for 10 days, the fat consumption will be the last one because fat deposits are the emergency case (or at least this is how he explained to me). More than this, A friend of mine, who had 65 kg and put herself in water-tea fasting for 10 days (i don’t know how she resisted so much) lost 2 kg of muscles. We did a measurement with a biometric scale before and after fasting, and this was the result. The fat tissue, cellulite was still there, ok just a little bit diminuated but still she had a big ass at 56 kg. Indeed she lost almost 10 kg in 2 weeks but immediately put them back. So, to conclude, I’m not 100% sure that fasting helps you burn the fat, actually transforming fat into glucose it’s a very hard process for the body. There are other ways to burn fat tissue, like runnig or weight liftng but not fasting. Fasting is good for body renewal as you said.
    P.S. : To be skinny, it’s enough to quit eating bread, fried food, sweets, milk or other processed food. If you do sports 3 times a week and eat your proteins and carbs you’re all done around 50 kgs 🙂 Good luck !

    • Richard Plantan on

      Your boyfriend is not right about the body consuming muscle mass first and that fat is used up later.It is well known that it is very difficult to build up muscle mass and it is very difficult to lose muscle mass. This is an example of misinformation that will totally discourage people from fasting and therefore will never experience the vast benefits of it.

  8. I found an article about this :

    When blood glucose gets low, your energy plummets and you may find it hard to concentrate. Your body can temporarily fill the gap by drawing on glucose stored in your liver, but those supplies are limited. When they run out, your body can produce glucose from fats and proteins. Fats are good for backup energy, but your body doesn’t like to divert protein into energy due to its other vital functions. The best way to keep your body fueled is to consume the right amount of fats, proteins and carbs.

    if you want to read more, check this : https://www.livestrong.com/article/531285-how-many-grams-of-protein-a-day-does-the-body-need/
    It’s pure highschool chemistry 🙂

  9. New here! I’m fanatical about fasting. I water fast 5:2 and at first I dreaded fast days but now I look forward to them. It feels like a restart button. I still have far to go in my fasting journey and just started reading about dry fasting. Have been wanting to do Buchinger. Love your site – great content. 💕

    • Thank you! I’m glad I’m having another fellow faster here too… I’m currently in the end of my weekly 40hour dry fast. Still don’t feel hungry so waiting with breaking the fast a little bit more.

  10. I LOVE water fasting! You feel so refreshed afterwards. I have never dry fasted before however. Does it make your skin dry?

  11. Great article, Anna.

    I’m not a classy woman – or female at all:) – but your story is very like my own. I’ve done many juice fasts and water fasts and just this past few day embarked on my first dry fast – I lasted 41 hrs. I also plan to incorporate this into my weekly routine with a 36 hr dry fast. I am convinced of the power of this method of cleansing mind, body and soul.


  12. Hello Anna, I do have experience with fasting, both dry and water fasting. I have never gone longer than 10 days. But very soon I want to do a long fast, 40+ days. My question is regarding weight loss. I do not want to lose any more weight, if possible, but am afraid that doing such a long fast will reduce me to a twig.

    Do you continue to lose weight on a long fast, or do you level out somewhere and stop losing weight?

    Thank you in advance, Nate

  13. I am very Happy about your post since I was searching for information. My goal is weight loss because i have over weight of course. I saw some you tube videos that people fasted more then a week like 2 weeks or more. So what do you think how long one could dry fast ? I did 20 days water fast and now I am on dry fasting 18 hrs everyday since 3 days.

  14. Hi, I am now in my 50’s and have been doing fasting for a few months now and am just starting to incorporate short dry fasts into my regime. I’m enjoying the benefits.

    But… I wanted to reach out to you because every one of my close friends who has had IBS later had cancer, one of those was my sister and another didn’t see her 40th birthday. I tell you this because you’re young and I think that IBS signals an important issue with regard to bad bacteria. If I could go back in time, I would urge my pals to seek testing in the arena of functional medicine… to drill down and find out your particular bacterial overgrowth and then to KILL IT! Attack it with scripts. In order to do this, you must find out the particular strain so you can kill it appropriately. Some items a person can starve away but others need a gun! Bad bacteria in IBS is insidious. My other friend who had coliitis now has early onset alzheimers. I truly believe that these diseases begin in the digestive tract and are caused by pathogens. So… I truly hope you delve a bit further. Find yourself a decent functional medicine doc and just find out… <3 My best wishes.

    Know that I intend this comment to be delivered to the author and not to be posted to the public.



    • Dear Anna,
      IBS probably has something to do with bad tolerance for FODMAPS ( take a look at Monash university FODMAP)
      Candida is most of the time a supra -infection: which means that for example you took antibiotica for something else( Lets say a urine infection) then you killed a lot of bacteria with the AB ( also the good ones), most people carry Candida with them : no problem, but when you kill a lot of your good bacteria’s, these Candida’s fill up their place.It needs time to get the balance back…,,Candidainfection is not nice so you flight the Candida….your system gets even more out of balance and so on….so perhaps it would-be be wise not to use AB for these small infections ( if that was the case here, I don’t know) there are other ways to cure and even prevent these infections.

  15. “The human body is a highly intelligent mechanism that has survived millions of years and is fully capable of healing itself, without the need for any doctors, medication or technology.”

    The human body has mostly evolved to reproduce around age 15 and die by age 40. It does wonderful things, but please don’t think for a moment it is optimized. Do you have any conception of how common it has been, throughout our evolutionary past, to die before age 5 from infections and malnutrition?

    As an academic biologist who researches infectious diseases and immune responses for a living—and who is funded by the NIH and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, organizations that actually *do* want to improve public health without making a dime–it causes me immense pain to read the falsehoods here. If fasting seems to work for you, fine. I do not think the clinical evidence is where you claim it is, but I’ve not carefully reviewed the literature. It is really, really bizarre to claim there is some giant government-sponsored cover-up of the benefits of fasting. I’ve never seen evidence of such a thing. All the scientists in government I know are freaking out about far more serious things, e.g., measles and diabetes. Why inspire such paranoia?

    • Richard Plantan on

      Common sense tells one that the medical and pharmaceutical industries make their money off sick people and disease. The pharmaceutical industry creates the drug and the doctor prescribes it.If you fast you do not need the doctor or the drug.Therefore the doctors and pharmaceutical companies would either be out of business or suffer huge financial losses.I contend both of these entities love sick people and hate people water fasting or dryfasting.

  16. Congratulations for your article! Fasting has helped me to heal a viral sore throat infection in a single night. A person who is diseased shouldn’t eat anything. If doctors told us to starve in order to heal our bodies they would starve to death, but honestly they should change job instead of slowly killing people with their toxic medicine.

  17. Dave Calderon on

    Hi! Do you think you can lose weight on a daily 18 hour dry fast? Keeping the refuel window to 6 hours.

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