Does height matter?

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Does height matter?

“Is it important to be tall?” was one of the questions I got from you. Interesting thing to reflect on, because in a way it’s kinda pointless topic. No matter if you’re short or not, you cannot do anything about it besides wearing heels – no surgery in the world will save you. In that case it’s just useless wasting energy not liking your height since that’s something you really need to accept.

How to look tall in pictures

There is nothing that says it’s important to be tall, all heights have their pro’s & cons.

The girls in this blog have mixed heights, some are very petite, some are model tall. Frankly it’s hard to tell through pictures.
But an optical illusion to use if you are short and wish to look tall in pictures, is to make it look like you have long legs (even if you don’t have, I don’t for example!). Put on beige / nude colored heels and pose in a way where you put one leg slightly in front of the other, pointing the foot slightly (Jetset Babes do this a lot) – that gives the ultimate optical illusion of long legs.

If someone is taking pictures of you where you are not wearing heels, stand on your toes and do the same thing. A lot of girls do this, it looks more elegant on photos.

How to look tall in pictures

How to look tall in pictures

How to look tall in pictures

So what about the Pro’s & cons of being short/tall?

Short girls

Pros – They can date any guys, including the shorties – simply because their heights match! More selection, especially since there are so many short guys out there and they tend to have a harder time finding girls because of the height issue. Another Pro is that short girls can be very petite which for some reason a lot of guys like. Well, a certain type of guys like it. And with the right heels a short girl don’t need to feel that short.

Cons – For guys that are in to models, short girls tend to become a bit “vanilla” in their eyes as they look more like ordinary girls with their height. Also looking “like a model” have it’s advantages in life (getting in to places etc) and height is important for that.

How to look tall in pictures

Tall girls

Pros – With the right body type & looks tall girls can become models & get all the guys after them that love models. Which are many. Tall girls have the advantage of getting a lot of attention, simply because of their height, when they enter a room etc they stand out. Clothes usually look better on tall girls because of the way fashion industry is & generally speaking tall girls are attractive on the jetset “market”.

Cons – Finding a guy is harder! Roughly I would say only 50% of the guys are tall enough so the selection is very limited. Plus the tall guys are usually the ones most attractive/already taken so good luck 🙂 Wearing plat forms and highest heels are sometimes a challenge as already tall girls tend to become gigantic (think basketball player heights) wearing stilettos. Not always so pleasant being the tallest person in a room & very hard picking up guys with the right height.

So you see, you can’t say what height is best, as they both are good & bad. I’m somewhere in between short/tall, maybe a bit more towards the taller side though. I’m 170 cm / 5,7″ Finding a guy is a pain in the ass since I always wear heels & there are so many shorties out there. Oh well… 


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  1. Hi Jetsetbabe
    Love your blog and please continue – we appreciate your energy!! got so many useful tips out of it!!
    As it comes to height, you are right to say that there is not much to do about it. BUT i have seen again and again that the taller girls are really getting all the attention. i am fortunate i am 1.78 and because of my looks and my HEIGHT people always ask me if i am a model.
    I friend of mine is not that tall and has a gorgeous face and figure but it is frustrating for her when she is in the company of tall girls. I guess the jetset world likes models and when is the last time you have seen a model shorter than 1.75??

    X X

  2. Men really have no preference with the height of women. We love all types; but I must say a tall beautiful lady will always draw attention. We love when a lady wears high heels and a chic skirt, legs will get you noticed too.

  3. To be a prostitute /jetsetter/ doesn`t matter what`s your hight. And second, JSB, you are so wrong about that “finding a guy” thing. I`ve never seen a man, who`s rich /confident/ and to be insequre about a woman being higher than him. They all go for what they like and definately don`t care if she is taller. They know who they are, have that have enough money and really don`t give a shit that the model-looking woman next to him outmaches him with a few cm. This is more adecuate about poor middle and low-class gyus. A tall woman could have anyone. I have 172 and always wear the highest possible heels, even when I`ve been out with someone who has 170-172.

  4. I am 4’10 and 110 lbs, so I’m petite. I tend to mostly attract fetish-y type guys who perhaps imagine dominating me because I am small. It’s very annoying. Most other guys tend to chuckle at me or use me as an arm rest while sitting or walking. I get turned off very quickly and don’t put up with that, but its been a common annoyance for me as a short woman.

  5. Sorry, but as a 5’2 woman I think this perspective on the impact of being short, however encouraging, fails to bring out the real issue: fashion doesn’t cater for short women.
    Finding elegant clothing and shoes in petite sizes is a real challenge, as most of the few petite brands out there mostly produce cheap garments. Basically, one would have to have all clothes tailor-made. Also, the impression your figure makes is dramatically different from that of a decently-sized or tall woman.
    There is no way around it: as a petite woman, you will always be seen as a missed opportunity, a second-rate individual.

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