Does Fraxel Laser work?

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Girls, Need your help again!


As I’ve written before about my acne problems, I’ve discovered that after this terrible pimple storm that I’ve had for the past months, new scars have developed 🙁 I feel so sad 🙁 🙁

It’s not big and deep scars, but they are visible enough to see when you stand close to me. I’m absolutely petrified as It’s not something I wish to carry with me for the rest of my life.


Does anyone of my readers have experience with Fraxel Laser?


I will be needing to take laser treatments in order to try and get ridh of the scarring, but I have a big concern. Once a dermatologist told me it’s impossible to remove all scars, that Laser will only make the scarring less, however they will always be there.


Is this true?


Have anyone of you done treatments for acne scarring, and what worked, what didn’t?

Please need your advice. I’m so sad right now 🙁 🙁

Wish my skin could be like this again: (a moment of self torture)


Fraxel Laser Results Fraxel Laser Results

Fraxel Laser Results

Fraxel Laser Results

Fraxel Laser Results

Fraxel Laser Results

Fraxel Laser Results



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  1. Actually Fraxel does work and it depends on the type of scars you have as to whether or not they will be 100% removed. I have found using a combination of Fraxel and microneedling incredible. Don’t get to down just yet. Secondary benefits; tone, texture, color and general anti-aging. It just takes time so be patient. Best of luck.

  2. I didmicrodermabrasion.i think it’s less aggressive than any lasers or chemical peels. I did one every week. You need about 6 sessions for results. When I used to live in London I went to a place in Angel. It’s called Angel Therapy rooms. But generally any place will do as long as they use the diamond one rather than the old type which uses just crystals. Also another plus is that I could go to work immediately without looking like a tomatoe and having my skin peeling. Btw not sure if I am allowed to mention the name of the place above.

  3. Well, I would probably not use fraxel on such a big part of the face, since there is a big risk of discoloration if you are not rigorous about sun protection. My recommendation would be to get retinoids prescribed by your derm to use ever 2nd or 3rd night. Maybe do a combination of microdermabrasion and IPL-treatment, every third week for aprox 3 months before you start out with the retinoids. Otherwise start using benozyl peroxide treatment every morning and evening under your normal skin care, to help with the acne, since a lot of people actually can’t take salicylic acid on their skin, an there fore the pimples get agrivated.

  4. I don’t have any experience with fraxel, but I’ve got a good tip for you!
    After I had a surgery I used Crème de la Mer on the Scars and they’re completely unvisible now. I worked with cosmetics for several years and I’ve seen so many good results on people who used la Crème de la Mer. People with scars, who had a plastic surgery or even a skin transplantation. I would recommend the Regenerating Serum for the whole face or the Concentrate only for the scars.
    Maybe that would be an alternative to lasers and so on.

  5. Hi. I went on accutane and i was left with perfect smooth skin but had heaps of marks from my pimples. I asked my dermo if there was anything i could do but she said it was broken capilaries and not actual discolouration and would take 6 months to heal. Mine were like red/purple dots on my face. So i was researching aroma therapy one day and came across neroli oil which I love because it smells so expensive (Its to die for) and one of the properties is that it fixes broken capillaries. Maybe read up about oils (i know, oil on oily skin eeeek) and make a mixture and just pat it on at night every few days. I did that and my skin looks amazing and i have all of these relaxing scents on my face at night (goodbye insomnia)

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