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Do You Meet More Men In First Class?

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Those women who are single and in the stages of their jet-setting journey where they’re flying economy might have this thought cross their mind: What if I was in the business or first class cabin? What if that’s where my Mr. Right is hiding?

Flying economy might not feel very JetsetBabe-like at first, but it’s a reality for most girls who are starting out or who might be in between relationships, or those who are still financing their own life.

Single girls are continuously wondering where the great places are to meet affluent men, and airport and air travel is a commonplace to be recommended. But how efficient is this way of meeting someone? When you fly first or business, what are the odds of actually meeting someone? Is it to the point that it’s worth spending your hard-earned income as a woman because you can have a major return on investment? Let’s find out!

Back in the days when I only used to fly economy, I was imagining the jet-setters in business and first class, thinking that’s where the creme de la creme was hiding. Sadly, to my surprise when I began to travel in the higher cabins, I didn’t see the millionaires and billionaires I was imagining. Instead, the majority of the people were regular folks, no different from the ones you meet in the supermarket doing your weekly groceries.

But of course, it depends slightly on the airline you’re traveling with, the airport and location. Some airlines have a more high-end clientele than others, and some airlines have everyone mixed under one tier.

I’m based in London so I fly mostly British Airways. I can tell you that if you’re a woman who’s looking to meet affluent men on your business class journey, don’t spend your $$$$ on British Airways.

As an example, having seen both the first and business lounge numerous times I can say that you’re not missing much. There is not more of a high-class feeling in there than anywhere else in the airport. Not even in the first class lounge where people pay thousands for their tickets!
Some airlines/airports are different, so it depends. If you fly from airports like Nice (which is the airport for all South of France and Monaco), you might find a better crowd than departing from some obscure city somewhere that barely got a functioning lounge.

But what’s really the golden nugget when it comes to air travel? Is it the lounge access or the actual flight itself?

When I was single and traveled in other classes than economy, I would come across affluent men as my travel neighbor. It’s never difficult to strike up a conversation this way, as you can always just act stupid and ask how something works, to break the ice and let them explain how the seat reclines.

One significant travel of mine, I was traveling to Sri Lanka and ended up next to an attractive young man in Business class. We stroke up a conversation pretty much as I sat down, he had apparently seen me prior in the lounge (I didn’t see him). I was wearing this long maxi dress, and I guess that stroke some attention as it looked quite glamorous (but I had just left an ex-boyfriend and needed some external validation, so looking glamorous was exactly my goal that day).

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Our 2-hour long journey from Bangkok felt like 5 minutes because we spoke the entire trip. On landing, he asked me for my number and if I wanted to see him again, but I told him I came to spend time with my friend. He insisted to at least drive me to my hotel, and I said Okay. A few days later we met up again and decided to travel around Sri Lanka together so he could show me the country. He did, and it was absolutely beautiful.

We stayed in the best 5-star hotels while going around the whole island creating memories that I still remember fondly. It was certainly a trip that doesn’t happen every day, and luckily it happened to me because last minute I decided to change my seat from 2A to 3D. But enough with my story time now!

Generally speaking though, I would say having an affluent man as your neighbor on a flight, is your best bet if you want to successfully make new connections with the rich during air travel. It’s such an easy way to speak to someone without looking crazy, and it also gives the woman (for once) the opportunity of breaking the ice first without looking desperate, because nobody will judge you for asking how something works.

Sadly, it’s all bound to luck.
And also, how much much privacy there is on the flight.

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Long-haul first-class travel tends to be very tricky, as the privacy tends to be high, sometimes you even have your own cabin! (Depending on the airline).

Business class long-haul is usually better this way, but again, some airlines have almost cubicle-like spaces meaning you don’t have much opportunity to interfere with your neighbor! So you need to check the airline.

Emirates can be quite good this way because they have actually a bar in the business class area where you can go and mingle. However, I wouldn’t necessarily say the high-rollers are going to be hanging out there to mingle. From my experience, many wealthy people tend to try and sleep during their flight, and they are not so much in a networking mood.

These days I travel mostly in business, and I must say, the percentage of me sitting next to an interesting man is quite low. For that reason my conclusion on this topic will be:

If you’re unsure where to spend your money, don’t waste it on airfare. Spend a bit more on your hotels or invest in a 5-star resort instead, as that’s where you really get a good opportunity to mingle! Whenever I’ve stayed by myself or with a friend in some swanky hotel or luxury resort, I’ve always made good connections. Some incredible connections, in fact, some that I can tell you had some valuable impact on my life.

In an ideal world, you don’t pay for your own travel. In an ideal world you have a wealthy man who buys you first and business class tickets and forks out for your hotel on location. But for us who know life, know that it’s not always that easy to have all that. Times can be tough, you might be just starting out or not yet found the right admirers to invest in you.

So yes, there are times when we need to pay for things ourselves, and if you’re not wealthy yourself, it’s difficult to keep up financially with the rich people. That’s why you need to prioritize where you spend. And in my personal opinion, air travel should be secondary after a reputable hotel. Aim for that first because it has a higher return on investment. And if you have money left and feel it’s important to you, then do an upgrade on your ticket.

Just be aware that the chances of meeting affluent men when flying are not massive. If you’re traveling on a tight budget and you want to meet men, don’t spend your own money on upgrades just yet. I think it’s not worth it because the percentage of meeting someone is still lower than actually having a return on investment. Unless you’re lucky of course, but there are never guarantees for that…

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